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San Diego resident and concerned advocate for a sustainable economic and environmental society..

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Kim Jong-Un Dead According to Multiple Sources (
by Malcolm on 25 Apr 2020  40 comments, latest 19 days ago Snopes disagrees Other sources are saying China sent an emergency medical envoy.Let's consider how this will impact US - Korean N&S Relations

My Documentary Film "A Rebuttal to Climate Change Alarmism"
by Malcolm on 23 Jan 2020  12 comments, latest a month ago
After becoming frustrated at constantly seeing the same misinformation being used to try to guilt people as sinners to the religion of climate change, I made a documentary film. This...

Oops, I think Pelosi just committed the crime of jury tampering (
by Malcolm on 19 Dec 2019  25 comments, latest 5 months ago President Donald Trump was properly impeached, in essence, for carelessly running his mouth and accidently crossing a line of corruption and abuse. While I don't feel it rises to...

Chase Bank Offering a Real Deal (
by Malcolm on 6 Nov 2019  17 comments, latest 7 months ago
No, Patrick, this is not a scam. I'm sharing this because it is a killer deal and they have gotten creative in offering a referral bonus. I use this card...

Did We Just Pop a New Housing Bubble???? (
by Malcolm on 9 Jan 2018  80 comments, latest a year ago
I just saw a TV commercial for a "save your home" California state program offering up to $100,000 to homeowners, to prevent a foreclosure. I have recently decided for myself...

Why Climate Change is a Religion and not Science (
by Malcolm on 10 Jan 2018  109 comments, latest a year ago
An article that I wrote on TopBuzz exploring some of my own observations.https://www.topbu I have put out an internet challenge that no one seems to want to take me up...

Like a Yale degree, a Nobel Peace Prize will never mean anything again (
by Malcolm on 20 Mar 2019  7 comments, latest a year ago
I found it very saddening and disappointing, when I learned from this little video that Al Gore was given the Nobel Peace Prize over this woman. When we reflect on...

Wake up call for white conservatives
by Malcolm on 29 Oct 2018  12 comments, latest 2 years ago
I don’t feel particularly sorry for Megyn Kelly. In some ways I see her dismal as vindication that she lost her career over one misspoken word, while along the way...

Sexism and Racism at the Riverside Sheriff’s Department
by Malcolm on 21 Feb 2018  10 comments, latest 2 years ago
I don’t believe I have ever seen a poster for a men’s career day. I like how they include one token white woman in the photo, although she is under...
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