First time vacationing in Florida, what to see ?

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Hi guys, will be spending a week in Florida with the wife. Plan to fly into Miami and then anywhere from there.

Where would you recommend we head over a week long period? What are the must sees besides the Keys?

I’d imagine we will either pick the west side of the state or the east side of the state and head north, stopping along the way at the known tourist towns.

Look forward to your recommendations! Thanks

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1   Ceffer   2022 Aug 29, 10:36pm  

The nude, face eating cannibals, wherever they are, and you can lay a wreath at "Georgies".
2   1337irr   2022 Aug 29, 11:24pm  

Miami Marlins probably have a sweet ballpark and check out the beaches. The Keys could be cool since there are no hurricanes.
3   1337irr   2022 Aug 29, 11:28pm  

Oh, Mars Lago...
4   Ceffer   2022 Aug 29, 11:43pm  

Maybe you can five finger discount a few guns from the collection bins:
5   WookieMan   2022 Aug 30, 5:15am  

I don't know southern Florida well. @ad is in the Panhandle I believe based on comments, but might have some tips as you sometimes vacation in your own state.

If you're a national park junkie type, I'd probably check out the Everglades. As you mention the Keys, they're fine and an obvious choice if you want somewhat Caribbean weather/feel. I like drinking so the Keys are good by me. Key Largo was cool and not too deep into the Keys or far from Miami.

10# is probably your guy on this topic. I just don't know that area. I've spend maybe a month down there total. The panhandle I've spent at least a year of my life on vacations, but you're not going there and ad knows it better then I do. I love the Panhandle. Best sand on the planet from my experience. Calm days the water can get Caribbean Blue.
6   Al_Sharpton_for_President   2022 Aug 30, 5:30am  

Yeah, Key West is a 3.5 hour drive from Miami with stops along the way. It has a lot of history, nice architecture. The bar scene is lively with lots of live music.
7   zzyzzx   2022 Aug 30, 5:35am  

what to see?

Everything not Disney related. Probably should avoid Orlando altogether.

Be sure to check out all the nude beaches in South Florida. I have a friend who goes there all the time just for the cheaper parking.

And check out The Villages.

When I go I am going to check out everything from Nassau County to the Space Coast.
8   WookieMan   2022 Aug 30, 6:35am  

My ultimate advice I just thought about. Go further south to Puerto Rico or USVI. Hop on a quick flight from MIA to STT. Just a thought. Get a Jeep in St. John (I have referrals) and enjoy. Do a boat day (referrals again).

FL is awesome, but waaaaaaay too commercial if you're looking for laid back. Because it's a US territory and mostly national park, St. John blows away anything I've experienced in the Caribbean. Because of hurricanes it still has rough edges, but it's stunning. Haven't traveled out of this hemisphere, but St. John is the go to for me. World class beaches just driving around. Good people. Expensive AF is my only complaint. I have grocery store referrals as well. Any market near a resort will rape you. We're talking $15 for a 12 back of Bud Light. Probably 18-20 now.
9   Hircus   2022 Aug 30, 6:45am  

watch a rocket launch?
10   Tenpoundbass   2022 Aug 30, 9:08am  


Fakahatchee Hilton: A Gator Haven In South Florida at the Fakahatchee Strand State Park And Preserve

12   Tenpoundbass   2022 Aug 30, 9:17am  

As for as the rest of South Florida, you can see the same damn Panera Bakeries and Wholefools, anchored next to Gated Community, anywhere in the country.
Also any unique character of any of the local beaches has been developed away to the point, the whole coast looks like one long continuous Condo clad tourist trap.

Throngs of rude beach goers and all of the good spots are commandeered by the Condo Cabana boys that rent beach chairs and umbrellas. A nice hot miserable day at the beach with very little reward is all you can expect. Too many damn people even the parking victimize you. I'm trying not to let it be known too much, how much I hate what our beaches have become. I'm sure there's no difference in your California beaches. The only difference is we have turquoise blue water, where as you guys have a dingy dark green water. Our water faces East and yours faces West. The same boardwalk and the same assholes and vampires walking down it..
13   FortWayneAsNancyPelosiHaircut   2022 Aug 30, 9:24am  

Depends on what you like.

St. Augustine is very nice and very conservative, a lot to see if you go outside the city. There are national parks and beautiful beaches near. Really clean beaches. If you go to Everglades you'll see lots of gators there, that's on South side of Florida, far from St. Augustine. Tampa was nice too, clean compared to CA cities. Big cities have some sort of Cuban District, where you can see cuban culture without going to live in Cuba.

I don't live in Florida, only visited. I think few guys here know better places.
14   zzyzzx   2022 Aug 30, 9:32am  

Tenpoundbass says

Too many damn people even the parking victimize you.

Yeah, $25 to park doesn't work for me. Free parking is available in northern Florida. I don't need restroom facilities when there is a whole ocean in front of me. Fish peed in it first.
15   zzyzzx   2022 Aug 30, 9:33am  

YouTube Southern Life channel has lots of videos where he drives around Florida. Mostly SW Florida, but he goes everywhere.
16   clambo   2022 Aug 30, 9:52am  

Kennedy Space Center

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