Orcas and Great White Sharks

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2022 Jul 27, 8:15pm   703 views  7 comments

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1   Ceffer   2022 Jul 27, 10:37pm  

I heard about this some years ago. The Orcas butt the sharks onto their backs, which puts the GWs into some kind of trance. Then they just dine on the sharks at their leisure. The Orcas learned this and pass it onto their progeny as learned behavior. GWs can't be tipped over onto their backs because it hypnotizes or paralyzes them or something.
2   just_passing_through   2022 Jul 27, 10:55pm  

You can do it with lizards and chickens too. I 'hypnotized' maybe 8-10 of some ladies chickens when her son showed me how to do it when I was a kid.

She came by and freaked out thinking they were all dead.
3   Patrick   2023 Jun 28, 4:01pm  


Ah man, there's nothing better than a nice day out on the boat drinking beer and catching fish.

You can easily get caught up in the moment after landing a fighter and getting your hands all gooey with all that fish stuff that came off her. You might think, like Nick did in this next video, that it's safe at Florida Everglades National Park to just kind of wash off your hands in the water like it's a stream in the Midwest or something.

And in that, you'd be wrong, cuz watch:

Injured his hand, but otherwise OK.
4   GNL   2023 Jun 28, 5:09pm  

OMG, you've got to watch out for sharks, crocs and pythons in Florida. It really is different down there.
5   clambo   2023 Jun 28, 6:50pm  

I actually would feel safer diving if I knew Orcas were around to fuck up the white sharks.
7   Robert Sproul   2023 Jun 29, 7:18am  

The Orcas butt the sharks onto their backs

Maybe that is what they are trying to do to the sailboats off Spain:
"A group of Iberian orcas have a risky new hobby: chasing sailboats and breaking their rudders."
Ceffer says

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