Autotopia Los Angeles

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2022 May 15, 8:16am   206 views  1 comment

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One of my favorite car build channels on YouTube.


Fun, creativity, uniqueness. Love these custom builds.

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1   Ceffer   2022 May 15, 9:41am  

Nothing like a viagra car boner. He found open roads in LA, but I imagine outside of the race track these creations wind up doing the LA carbon monoxide crawl with the plebs.

At the intersection of the RichFuck hill neighborhood and the country club golf course near our crap shack, there are all kinds of wheely rubber burns on the pavement. I guess the temptation was too great for some Lamborghini Lothario from the mansed hills.

A tree along the main road where we live still has the scar where a despondent tech lord, during the downturn of 2000, committed suicide by driving his Lamborghini into the tree at speed.

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