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Injectable quercetin exists, the Covid alt-timeline which didn't occur

By Rin follow Rin   2021 Apr 8, 11:59am 116 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

I got off the phone with a stupid nurse who insists that supplements, like the Rin Pill (not being highly bioavailable) were not worth keeping in the clinic.


When I showed her that there was an injectable formulation, she changed the subject.


The commercially available formulation of the above is Corvitin, which is not available at the moment and is made in Russia.

Since the formulation is in the public domain, any cGMP facility within the US or NATO could manufacture it at the cost of time and materials. There are no royalties to be paid to anyone and thus, the govt could have bulk produced it, since we were in a 'State of Emergency' since Mar 2020.

This would then be available in mass, at every emergency room and walk-in clinic, from coast to coast. Anyone entering, would first be allergy tested and given an injection, along with a Vitamin D plus Zinc pill, and sent home to await for their Covid test with a 5 day supply of supplements.

In addition, grocery stores would have special hours for ppl 65 and above and anyone working at a nursing home would need to wear a hazmat suit. And that's all. The nation would have been at herd immunity by Dec 2020.

Instead, what did we get? ... Deborah Birx, Anthony Fauci, and Bill Gates, a bunch of criminal hacks!
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What will happen is that ppl will feel better and come back for another injection within a few days to recover faster.

Only ppl with pre-existing pulmonary dysfunction or chronic conditions like anemia may end up on respirators. Most everyone else will do fine on an outpatient basis.

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