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My litmus test for Covid loserism

By Rin follow Rin   2020 Nov 13, 7:14am 129 views   0 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Ok, I think I've discovered the test for loserism.

As everyone here knows, there's a Rin Pill and Rin protocol for fighting Covid and in general, having good health.


Every now and then, I meet a prior colleague, who's afraid of getting sick, believes everything Gates/Fauci/Birx says, but then, wants to know what he can do preventatively aside from being locked up & wearing a hazmat suit all day in public.

Anyways, my litmus test is that I first ask 'em to send me an email, with the correct destination email address, and I'll explain my vitamin regimen. So far, this person has failed to email me, 4 times since March!

Yes, he asks me the exact same question and never sends an email so that I can respond with my protocol.

So he's the MVP, others have perhaps emailed me twice.

And there you have it ... loserism.

People who're so afraid that they can't even begin to question to official tagline that Covid is preventable and that supplements can help one's resistance, modulate immune response, etc.
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