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Corporations against Trump

By noobster follow noobster   2020 Nov 9, 4:28pm 343 views   2 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share      

Some of the websites I frequent have changed their homepage so that now they do not mention corona virus. Right on queue.

Citibank (super outsourced labor, no physical locations anymore) removed their banner explaining support delays due to corona virus. I don't know exactly when they changed, but it was fairly recently, after having it up for 8 months.

Bank of America no longer mentions it. Not sure when they changed.

There is a ford dealership I visit frequently, I KNOW they removed their. Corona warning in the last week.

Pfizer announcing their vaccine the week after the election.
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Not that this is a surprise to anyone, but here is this:

Major Corporations Plot Action To Install Biden Into The White House - Report

Major corporations are eager to get rid of President Trump and his trade policies and are prepared to mount a pressure campaign against Republican legislators if Joe Biden isn't installed into the White House.

In an eye-opening report that should show all Americans that there are no longer any vestiges of patriotism in many corporate boardrooms, Fortune 500 CEOS will make their push to oust Trump in favor of the China-friendly Democrat.

According to the CBS News report, the strategy was hatched during a video conference call by unnamed executives from "Fortune 500 finance, retail, media and manufacturing companies" seeking a return to the America last policies of past administrations.

The report cites the Yale University management professor who convened the meeting that the executives will wait for the court challenges to play out but:

"...if Mr. Trump tries to undo the legal process or disrupts a peaceful transition to Biden, the CEOs discussed making public statements and pressuring GOP legislators in their states who may try to redirect Electoral College votes from Biden to Trump."

There are few entities that are more overtly fascistic and un-democratic than major corporations and the arrogance that they can swoop in to nullify the will of over 70 million American voters is a damning case that such corporations have become far too powerful.

According to CBS:

The CEOs decided to wait for the November 20 certification of votes in Georgia before meeting to decide their next moves. Action could include threats to stop donations to political action committees or even corporate relocations, Sonnenfeld said.

Sonnenfeld spoke with six or seven CEOs on Wednesday who said that if there were "seditious riots" at Trump rallies or more mass firings like Trump's ouster of Defense Secretary Mark Esper and other Pentagon officials, they want to reconvene to talk about acting faster as individuals, Sonnenfeld said.

"They thought it could have a very devastating effect upon on markets, on public trust in the process," and they would act "to make sure that the Republican elected officials do their jobs and and then be patriots and respect the process," Sonnenfeld said.

The CEOs weren't worried about reprisals against their businesses but emphasized acting together. They referred to a Benjamin Franklin quote at the signing of the Declaration of Independence: "Yes, we must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately," according to Sonnenfeld.

But individual CEOs have been mostly silent on Trump's conduct. Juleanna Glover, CEO of media strategy firm RidgelyWalsh, said no CEO speaking out at this point could stop Trump's legal challenges.

"They're trying to be moral and effective leaders," Glover said. "It's a calculation of whether saying anything now can be an effective tool to making a situation better."

The time may come for CEOs to speak out, but most are assuming that Trump's legal challenges and threats are just theater and the change in power will take place uneventfully, Glover said.

Still, several CEOs have urged Trump to acknowledge that he's lost, concede to Biden and end any political uncertainty.

The report also details the bias toward Biden and Kamala Harris and against Trump:

On Saturday, the day after the video meeting, the Business Roundtable, a group that represents the most powerful companies in America, including Walmart, Apple, Starbucks and General Electric, put out a statement congratulating Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris. It largely reflected the conversation from Friday's video meeting, saying the group respects Trump's right to seek recounts and call for investigations where evidence exists.

"There is no indication that any of these would change the outcome," the group's statement said.

A recent CNBC report revealed that corporations are overjoyed about a Biden-Harris administration's stance on doing business with communist China.

According to CNBC, "Most U.S. companies optimistic about doing business in China after Biden’s win, survey finds":

The outlook for U.S. businesses in China is improving, whether politically or revenue-wise, the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai said in a survey released Friday.

Out of 124 company leaders surveyed from Nov. 11 to 15, only two said they are more pessimistic about doing business in China following President-elect Joe Biden’s win this month.

Just over half, or 54.8%, said they are “more optimistic” and 8.1% are “much more optimistic” given the expected change from President Donald Trump’s administration, the survey found.

“The majority of our respondents look at it as a positive,” Ker Gibbs, president of AmCham Shanghai, told CNBC in a phone interview. “The Biden administration would be a positive to the stability of the environment, the stability of the relationship.”

Americans and especially Trump voters should be well aware that regardless of any of their deceptive marketing campaigns, that many Fortune 500 corporations along with the looters and gamblers on Wall Street and in charge of hedge funds could give a damn about what's right for America.

The truth of the matter is that many if not most of these corporations have offshored jobs by the millions, ignore the horrific human rights abuses of their Chinese partners, and most recently, sided with the Marxist-inspired Black Lives Matter movement at a time when American cities were on fire and law-abiding citizens were being terrorized by criminal thugs.

Other than the regime in Beijing, few will be happier than these corporations who have systematically dismantled U.S. manufacturing and impoverished millions in their pursuit of more, more, more for them and less for the rest of us.
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Yeah fucked up. Trump Putting America first made them oust Trump with fraudulent elections. They want cheap labor, it’s fuck America system.

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