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Another consequence of lockdowns

By noobster follow noobster   2020 Oct 14, 8:00am 330 views   2 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share      

Amber alerts seem to quite a bit more common. I don't have numbers, but it sure seems like it. I think they are mostly one parent taking the kid and skipping town.
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Molestation and abuse of children and adults has exploded during the covid era. Lockdowns are doing all the dirty work of isolating victims from support networks.
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Another consequence of lockdown:

I had too many blistering sunburns when I was a kid. I have been fighting skin cancer for a decade. Basal cell cancer not melanoma. Typically I go in every six months, the doctor inspects my skin and freezes off with liquid nitrogen any small cancers. It is not fun but it beats the alternative.

I got a reminder to make an appointment from my dermatologist back in February. By the time I called the lockdown had started and my doctor was shutting down until the end of July. In August I noticed a growth on my back. I called up my Dr. only to find out that since my insurance had changed (union stuff) I could no longer see him. I called my primary care Dr. and got a referral to a new dermatologist and had to wait another 6 weeks.

By the time I actually got to see my new doctor the tumor had to be surgically removed. I have a 7 inch wound on my lower back held together by about 20 stitches that come out next Tuesday.

Anecdotal, I know, but how many other medical problems are undiagnosed and untreated because we "flattened the curve" so hospitals were not overwhelmed?

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