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if he did the Rin Full Monty, he'd have tested negative

True, but one may be laboring under the illusion that the Covid test is not riddled with false positives.
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God I hope he does this. How great would it be if he went on TV in like 3 days and is like “yeah, I just took some hydroxychloroquine and zinc, and I feel great.”

Can’t wait for FB to censor that.
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Now, let's just say that you listened to the great Anthony Fauci MD and decided to do nothing once you got tested positive, meaning no Rx HCQ with Zinc or in Rin's protocol, Quercetin with Zinc, Allisure's Allicin, Turmeric w/ Piperine, & R-Lipoic Acid, since none of the aforementioned require a prescription and your condition worsens ...


Excerpt: " Another blow for the corporate media and their panic porn about COVID-19. According to scientists in the U.K., the inexpensive and generic dexamethasone is showing life-saving results. This is great news for patients suffering from serve COVID-19 in the future. The sad part is this is a treatment for the symptoms of a cytokine storm, an overactive immune response, not the virus itself."

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