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Is The U.S. Prepared For War With China?

By Tenpoundbass follow Tenpoundbass   2020 May 26, 5:40pm 439 views   4 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

LOL Oil people are funny. The best thing that can happen for Trump's American economic recovery, would be to have Oil as cheap and abundant as possible.
We're about to get ten times more GDP then we've been squeezing out shale, gas, and oil. Those are Failed Bush era policies, and Obama hold over, cheap and easy GDP, mask the disappearance of the middle class, by the Ducks Buku Billions in profits from his Oil positions.

We're about to go another way with this people The days of beating $240 for each car a month for gas, out people is over.
Gas is going to get cheap and affordable, wages are going to skyrocket, and interest is going to go through the roof, and value buying is about to make a return.
But don't let that scare ya, because it means the return of worker savers, actually accumulating wealth. More opportunities, and a upward mobility for all socioeconomic sectors.
Not just for the savvy investor class.

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After we blow up China duh! Just like Europe after WWII.
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OccasionalCortex says
how are wages going to skyrocket and interest (rates?) going to to through the roof?

The recent economic models, the Employee is just an asset, they keep them as long as employee count appreciates the companies value. Not profits.
There's a whole slew of reasons, incentives, and benefits, for companies having a headcount. Since companies don't really produce, and we're mostly a service based economy.
Their force does not produce a damn thing. The only value 80% or more produce for a company, is the value, the company says those employees makes that company worth, when they are applying for Tax incentives, tax breaks, loans, soliciting Investors money. It's why most employees are chopped as soon as a company is acquired.

We're going to start producing stuff again, we're going to need fewer employees and will expect more out of them. Good in demand employees always drive the wages. It happened to the computer industry, tech sector, here when it came.

Wages don't have to go up, we can have deflation and the price of virtually everything will have to fall back in line with $30 Oil.
It really is Modern civilization's life blood, from where all commerce and logistics stem. If money should be backed by anything it should be reserves of cheap Oil.
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Tenpoundbass says
we can have deflation and the price of virtually everything will have to fall back in line with $30 Oil.

How do we get deflation when central banks are creating trillions of fake dollars out of thin air?
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As long as productivity keeps food, energy, housing, and healthcare readily available at a reasonable cost, then I can see the Federal Reserve continuing with its policies.

Examine Venezuela for an example of inflation and a drop in standard of living. They lost all productivity capabilities and now have to import gasoline.

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