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Mexican economy may contract by 4 to 8% in 2020 (bet on the ponies)

By Cash follow Cash   2020 Apr 22, 1:15pm 268 views   0 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

USD/MXN is 1 of my favorite to trade or hold when appropriate due to some of the biggest moves and the best payouts.
The currency based on this simple chart looks very tasty for a go at some buy and hold profits. https://invst.ly/qjgj9
With RSI 62+/- (daily) and price sitting on what looks to be a fairly solid floor and technically it's been a solid buy
since 24 what could go wrong ;).... Most stock brokers will allow trading some currency pairs in micro .01 and/or mini lots .10
instead of trading a whole lot of $10,000 per. Stock brokers are not the best to trade currency because most are not 24/5
I personally use IG.com as a US trader we are very limited on exchanges. IG are crooks who trade against you like the rest
of them but for US traders it is 24/5 and works.
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