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St. Louis Fed’s Bullard pitches daily COVID-19 testing to help restore economy’s health

By rdm follow rdm   2020 Apr 5, 12:36pm 263 views   0 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

This seems like a potentially good idea, the practicality of it may be in question given the anemic amount of testing currently being done in the US. A huge ramp up of the quick tests would be needed.

"There is “good news” for those who think the U.S. economy will have a tough time recovering from the coronavirus pandemic, said St. Louis Fed President James Bullard, on Sunday.

“There is a solution using available technology today to fix the economic part,” Bullard said, In an interview on the CBS News program “Face the Nation.”

That solution? Universal testing.

Bullard laid out a system where every American would be tested every day and would wear a badge with their negative result, similar to the ones people wear after they vote.

This would help the economy because people “could interact with each other with a lot of confidence,” he said. And the health-care sector would be able to bring care quickly to those in need."
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