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Navy SEAL Commander Who Advocated Killing With Axes Quits Service After Tiring of The BIG! FAT! EFFEMINATE! CUNT!-in-CHIEF!'s Twisted Girly Girl Meddling

By APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostakovitch follow APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostakovitch   2020 Feb 15, 5:19am 143 views   2 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share

Howard solicited donations to procure expensive, hand-made hatchets for his operators, and encouraged them to “bloody the hatchet” on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan,

This guy is what AMERICA! is all about.

Don't just KILL! when you can DISMEMBER! with axes!

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Maybe Howard is retiring to have time to hunt for Trump with an ax himself.

The ultimate SEAL Team Six assignment: hunt down the Kremlin president with an ax.

Who wouldn't want to be there for the coup de grace ?

Howard, unarmed due to WH security protocols, goes after Trump in a safe room after the Kremlin warns him of the assassination plot. Howard grabs a fire ax and tears through the wall, encountering rebar he rips out with his bare, bleeding hands while singing the National Anthem.

Trump babbles incoherently into his cell, desperately trying to get Putin's people to send in stormtroopers to save him. Howard grins wanly hearing the laughter from Trump's phone.

Finally, Trump turns to Howard, tearing the last strands of rebar out and offers him 'Ivanka for all the fuck and suck you could ever want.'

Howard ignores him and steps into the safe room, stretching to reach over the bent rebar and pulling his handy hatchet from his belt.

The White House staff looks on blandly, scrolling through LinkedIn contacts and breaking into the liquor cabinet for last-day-at-work toasts.

Finally, Trump offers to suck Howard's dick in trade for his life. Howard bellows in laughter and remarks, 'Lady, I'm taking your ass before you're cold, just as soon as I'm done ripping your head from your fat shoulders."

Three strikes of the hatchet, Howard has the head, dangling from his remaining hair. Ivanka and the staff look up briefly before getting on their cells to place calls for new gigs.

Howard stuffs the head into his fatigues jacket and Pence enters the room, unzips his pants and takes a long piss on the body, smiling for cell-phone pictures.

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