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New App Shares Data You Give Away to Anyone Who Take Your Photo

By NuttBoxer follow NuttBoxer   2020 Jan 20, 12:13pm 112 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

On one side, I think this is what you get for not protecting your privacy better. On the other side I think this is totally illegal, and the company will soon shutter thanks to the avalanche of lawsuits this is sure to unleash.

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When Google Glass was popular they talked about this ability. Someone made an app for it that did realtime facial recognition. So you can walk down the street, and anyone you stop and talk to, the app will add info next to their head telling you their name, address, and other info.

It was just a concept, as they didn't have a good face database yet, but this is most certainly coming to the world. Someone will be able to walk down the street and instantly see your name, hobbies, and life history if that info is available online. Some of those websites that aggregate data about people can actually have a lot of info, especially the paid ones. Scary to think all that can be looked up instantly and automatically.

And the real killer is that the population has been letting the tech companies like Google/Facebook/Twitter see our browsing and social habits. They have amazing insights into our personalities. Many of them know your location 24 hours a day via your phone. They easily know who your friends are, your relationships, spending habits.

All that info could be display instantly, if they wanted. I don't think they would dare, at least not right now. They wish people to remain ignorant to the fact that they know so much about you, and putting it into an app would make the world very angry.

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