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Google reports man's location to the police, who wrongly arrest him for murder

By Patrick follow Patrick   2020 Jan 18, 4:44pm 203 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    


Innocent man, 23, sues Arizona police for $1.5million after being arrested for MURDER and jailed for six days when Google's GPS tracker wrongly placed him at the scene of the 2018 crime
Jorge Molina was mistakenly arrested on murder charges in 2018
He spent 6 days in prison after police used Google location data which placed him at the scene
There were many inconsistencies with the Google data, which also showed multiple devices in multiple locations logged into his account
Prosecutors declined to bring a case against him and he has filed a lawsuit

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If this guy would have followed rule #1 for physical security, he never would have been arrested or charged. NEVER associate your real name with your physical address.

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