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Did NYT try to leak and warn Soleimani

By RC2006 follow RC2006   2020 Jan 6, 5:40pm 181 views   8 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

The New York Times published an article 8 hours before they killed that guy that included a hypothetical about him being killed by an airstrike. Some people think it was meant to be a warning
1   Ceffer   ignore (4)   2020 Jan 6, 6:11pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Wouldn't be surprised. When you are in the business of parting out your country to Globalist interests for bribes, disgracing the country and sedition are mere peccadilloes.
2   Fortwaynemobile   ignore (2)   2020 Jan 6, 6:15pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Time to prosecute?
3   The_Weeping_Ayatollah   ignore (5)   2020 Jan 7, 12:53pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Another Hanoi Jane.
4   NoCoupForYou   ignore (5)   2020 Jan 7, 3:12pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

This is why Trump didn't inform Congress.

Rashida and Omar would have ran to call the Qatari Embassy to have a message sent to Iran.
5   Tim Aurora   ignore (1)   2020 Jan 7, 3:44pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

I think Trump mistook NYT as Fox and just followed them
6   HEYYOU   ignore (46)   2020 Jan 7, 5:15pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Doesn't matter what Trump does. It's the consequences that matter.
7   Ceffer   ignore (4)   2020 Jan 7, 5:20pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

The Iranians are gravely insulted that their credible threats to Trump's life have been given lower priority than the credible threats from Congress and the Press.
8   CBOEtrader   ignore (6)   2020 Jan 7, 5:24pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

This would assume NYT is competent

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