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ATS Xmas Present: Epstein "Suicide" Smoking Gun

By Ceffer follow Ceffer   2019 Dec 25, 3:33am 349 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    


OOPSIE!!! Somebody followed the money!

"On August 3rd, HSBC Uruguay, an associate of the Clinton Foundation, received a $100 million deposit from five Clinton-linked financial entities in New York City-an amount of money the Ministry of the Interior just days before on July 30th, reported their interrogators had discovered exactly matched the international murder for hire hit contract issued against Jeffrey Epstein—$50 million of which HSBC Uruguay immediately transferred to HSBC China—who, in turn, spent $26 million of these funds to buy two luxury properties in Beijing—that HSBC China stated would be the residences for two of its American “employees”— J. David Cox Sr. and Serene Gregg."

"In April 2017, Brett Copeland was weeks into a new role at the largest U.S. federal employee union when, he says, the head of the union, J. David Cox, repeatedly told him he loved him. Then he stuck his tongue in Copeland’s ear."
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And this "A Third Kevin Spacey Accuser Has Died"; still not Clinton level of mastery.

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