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Voting for Democrats has consequences - the Denver poop edition

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Bazyar says that he has had to repeatedly call law enforcement, sometimes up to several times a day, to get some of these people off of his business property and now he is refusing to continue cleaning up their mess, citing the obvious safety concerns that come with bio-hazardous material.

“Because it’s a bio-hazard. It could be infectious. I didn’t hire these people to clean poop off the ground. I can’t, as an employer, just say, ‘Go and clean up the feces’,” Bazyar said. “I’m not the one doing this, and they won’t do anything about the people committing the crimes, but I’m the one who’s easy to find and easy to punish.”
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Why not move the company's office yo a nice clean suburban location?
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
Are snipers that expensive?

Snipers? Dude, tis the age of automation:

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CovfefeButDeadly says
Because it’s a bio-hazard

I am curious if they have to apply the same precautions scientists have to go through when working with biohazards.

North Carolina medical waste rules (15A NCAC 13 B .1200), require that “Regulated Medical Waste”, defined as “blood and body fluids in individual containers greater than 20 ml, microbiological waste, and pathological waste,” must be treated before disposal in order to render the waste nonhazardous. Most UNC-CH campus laboratory-generated biohazard waste, as defined below, falls under the State defined category of “microbiological waste” within 15A NCAC 13 B .1200. Biohazard waste generated and collected in UNC-CH research laboratories is to be properly autoclaved according to procedures outlined below. This process changes the biological characteristics of the waste thereby reducing or eliminating its potential to cause disease. Laboratories with biohazard waste not specifically addressed by this document (such as waste with multiple hazards, e.g. radioactive biohazardous waste) should consult with Environment, Health and Safety for alternative treatment and disposal methods.

The procedures of this policy are consistent with applicable sections of the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard 29 CFR 1910.1030.

Or the idiot city hall people apply one rule for universities/hospitals, and other rules for people who have to deal with issues created by City Hall idiocy?

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