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The Unelected Rise Above Us All To Save Us From Ourselves! Thank God For the DEEP STATE, DEFENDERS OF (WHAT-THE-FUCK??)??)!!!

By Ceffer follow Ceffer   2019 Nov 2, 11:09am 164 views   0 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

He admits Deep State incursions and praises the Hosannahs of the invisible hands that protect us from Trumpligula. No, they aren't elected, but they are brilliant and OBJECTIVE! We need to elevate these unsung, selfless HEROES fighting our HOLY WARS! They guide and protect us!

BOW DOWN! FREEDOM IS A DISEASE! ALLOW THE RIGHTEOUS TO RULE! 9/11 False Flag was for our own good! The sacrifices were NECESSARY!

Jeezus, and we thought the Muslims were bad. The self anointed ayatollahs speak The exoneration of psychopathy, privilege and high level lawlessness expressed here are legion.
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