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Help Patrick find a lawyer who will file suit against Google for mass spying via included Javascript

By Patrick follow Patrick   2019 Aug 27, 7:52pm 486 views   2 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share      

I've been trying to find a lawyer to at least talk about this serious issue.

Almost all government websites betray all of your confidential information to Google by including Javascript from Google. Open your brower's development tools if you know what that means, and look for request to Google when you hit any government website.

This is terrible, a wholesale handover of terabytes of private information from the public to Google. That Javascript can read anything on the page, and report back anything to Google. Google can also alter all of these pages to say whatever they want the site to say, without the site owner even knowing.

I usually find out about it when I'm trying to use a site and it won't work because I have all Google domains blocked with Little Snitch.

Want to say something to the water company you are obliged to get your water from? Sorry, you can't say it without an open door for Google eavesdropping: exposes all your data to Google via

That's just a trivial example. Try to buy health insurance without turning over all your info to Google. Or try to talk to the IRS without exposing your data to Google. forces your browser to make a request to thus stripping away all of your privacy.

Worst one: you cannot even report an "anonymous" tip to the FBI without also reporting your identity and all the details in the tip to Google:

This has to stop.

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It's because Google = the government.

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