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China risks a Civil unrest, if they don't move people into their ghost Cities. If I were Xi, I would mandate people have to move into those Cities. I would hold lotteries of everyone not a Home owner. And if your number comes up, you have to move. The over crowding in their major Cities is not sustainable.
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Yeah, and "granny units"
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OccasionalCortex says
Of course, most of the buildings in Ghost Cities are not finished. In China, the developers sell unfinished buildings and the buyers pay to finish them (the interior walls and finishing, etc). And those semi-open buildings have been rotting there for years, too.

Yep the biggest problem is they built enough RE stock to sell every person in China a housing unit that wants one. The only problem is, they are still demanding America's 2005 RE bubble prices for them. That's how China avoided the Economic downturn of Housing Collapse. Even though most did not sell, they are baked into their GDP as if they did.

It's going to be a shame if they let them all rot away. It's been over 12 years for may of them.

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