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7 Disturbing episodes of Left-wing violence that have occurred since Trump was elected

By WillPowers follow WillPowers   2019 Jul 21, 5:00pm 185 views   0 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Just as Democrats in the KKK that thought they were justified in lynching black men who supported those awful Republicans or liberal terrorists in the sixties felt justified in murdering or bombing people they disagreed with, there are liberals today that feel justified in using violence against their political adversaries.

1) The Congressional Softball Shooting: In June of 2017, diehard Bernie Sanders supporter James Hodgkinson opened fire on Republican members of Congress at a softball practice.

2) The Antifa Assault on Andy Ngo: In June of this year, the gay, Vietnamese editor of Quillette, Andy Ngo, was covering an Antifa rally in Portland, OR.

3) Danish Tourist Mugged at Knifepoint Over MAGA Hat: In NYC, in August of 2018, a Danish tourist bought a MAGA hat as a gift for his father. He was confronted by two white male robbers, one of whom “asked if I knew what it symbolized, and said I couldn’t leave with the hat,”. At first, the tourist struggled with the man, but the robber persisted and after a friend told him the other robber had a knife, he let him take the hat.

4) Man Pulls a Gun on Couple wearing MAGA Hats in Sam’s Club: In February of this year in Tennessee, a couple was walking through Sam’s Club wearing MAGA hats. A man by the name of James Phillips took offense to that and flipped them off. The man he flipped off responded by flipping him off in return. Phillips pulled out a gun, pointed it at them and said, “It’s a good day to die, b****!” to the woman.

5) Antifa’s Bike Lock Professor: Former Diablo Valley College philosophy professor and Antifa member Eric Clanton hit at least seven people at a free speech rally with a bike lock.

6) The Chicago Torture Incident: An 18-year-old mentally disabled man in Chicago was kidnapped and tortured.

7) Attempted Murder Against Eric Swalwell’s Republican Opponent: A man by the name of Farad Fazeli attempted to stab Republican congressional candidate Rudy Peters in September of 2018. Peters was campaigning at a fair when Fazeli approached him screaming, “F*** Trump!,” flipped him off, ran at him and threw coffee in his direction. Alarmed, Peters pushed Fazeli to the ground. Fazeli then pulled out a switchblade and screamed: “I’m going to kill you!” The knife malfunctioned and the two of them ended up in a struggle. Fazeli’s family PUBLICLY DEFENDED HIS ACTIONS and said Peters was the bad guy for shoving Fazeli to the ground. Fazeli was charged with suspicion of felony assault, criminal threats, brandishing a weapon and possession of a switchblade knife.


BREITBART lists 639 separate incidents of documented abusive behavior by extreme leftist:

Why are these deranged lefties loosing it so frequently. The left-wing media wants us to believe white supremacists attacks are on the rise:

But all I see is increased violence on the left. Why is that? Is it because the left-wing media is stoking the flames of hatred? There is some proof of that:

Chris Cuomo does not condemn but instead justifies political violence against anyone CNN defines as “bigots” — which, according to the network’s editorial tone means open season on all Trump supporters for violent activists like Antifa:
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