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From the other thread ...

CBOEtrader says
how to bang hoes

It's always best to start out with one's core competency, before branching elsewhere.

CBOEtrader says
Rin says
One more piece on long term investing. If you use the compounding dividend approach, the one thing I'd be very wary of are tech stocks, because when the markets go bearish, they take the burnt of the fall. So yes, prune all your "Dividend Aristocrats" to companies which have their debt under control but also, don't let tech go past the 10-15% mark of your holdings.

It's almost like you know things

In all fairness, I did break one of my own cardinal rules by buying into a mortgage REIT (w/ DRIP), back in 2013, Annally Capital [NLY], before cashing out in 2017, since I'd given up risky plays. Still, thanks to a low interest rate environment & the fact that the entire sector was beaten up, I did get a significant gain despite an overall sideways market for much of the time.

Good or bad, it's still possible to make money in that sector, even if it's not directly related to actually holding physical property.

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