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Other son of Oil Rich emir dies from drugs 20 years after his brother did

By Patrick follow Patrick   2019 Jul 18, 8:16am 237 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share

It has also since been alleged that he had a reputation for partying hard, surrounding himself with beautiful women and prostitutes, as well as having a penchant for illegal drugs that boosted his sexual performance.

While no arrests have been made, detectives are treating the death as 'unexplained'.

A post mortem was carried out before the body was repatriated and a full range of toxicology tests undertaken, the results of which may take two months to come back.

For his father, Sheikh Sultan, the process through which the British authorities will attempt to unravel the circumstances of his death will no doubt seem horribly familiar.

Twenty years ago his only other son also died suddenly in this country. Drugs — heroin to be precise — were involved, the 24-year-old overdosing at the family's mansion on a sprawling country estate in Sussex.

At the time a picture emerged of a young man who had lost his way in life — with no real role to fulfil, either in the Middle East or here in England.

Locals recalled his desperate attempts to escape from his gilded existence by heading to the local pub to drink pints of ale or slipping away from his security detail to visit a girl on a nearby housing estate.
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This is a good case for re-cycling. Lyophilize his body and grind it up for snort.

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