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50 Years Ago I Met Buzz Aldrin And Neil Armstrong

By ohomen171 follow ohomen171   2019 Jul 18, 3:05am 197 views   0 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

#moonlanding50 years ago when I was a young man of 20 years I got to meet Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong. I went to Buzz's house in May of 1969 before he flew to the moon. Buzz lived in an elegant 2-story house that was just short of being a wealthy man's mansion. He drove a very-expensive Chevrolet Corvette sports car. When I knocked on the door, he came to the door. He was dressed in a leisure suit. My first impression was: "Oh my God this man is so handsome that he should be a movie star." Buzz greeted me warmly. He invited me into the house. He led me to the living room. He told me to take a seat on the couch. He introduced me to his then-wife Joan. He gave me a coke. We had a nice talk and he gave me an autograph before I left.
After the moon landing in August of 1969, I went to Neil Armstrong's house. Neil lived in a very-modest one-story house quite similar to the house where my sister and I grew up. Neil drove a 1954 white Chevrolet coupe. When I came to the house, Neil was dressed in khaki pants and a white undershirt. He was working on his Chevy coupe. I told him that it was an honor to meet him. He was very polite and even kind to me. He told me that Neil Armstrong had lived in the house, but had moved away a few months before. I saw that I was going to get nowhere. I apologized to him for bothering him and left. It took me 49 years to get an autographed picture of Neil. They are rare.
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