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Online Freedom of Speech Threatened by Silicon Valley Elites

By Patrick follow Patrick   2019 Jul 17, 9:36pm 234 views   0 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share

The day after the Jeffrey Epstein scandal broke, Google algorithms miraculously couldn’t find any search suggestions linking “Clinton and Epstein,” but gave a slew of recommendations for “Epstein and Trump” and “Epstein and Acosta.”

On Tuesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee will take on Google and the issue of censorship through its search engines where more than 90% of all online searches are done. Congress and the White House alike are grappling with a simple question: Are social media platforms public forums, where free speech should go unfettered, or publishers who have the right to edit and censor the material they dispense?

Why should Silicon Valley liberal elites – whose companies are protected by the government through Section 230 within the Communications Decency Act from being sued for something posted by a user – get to dictate what content gets censored or highlighted? Why should they be able to impose their values on American citizens?
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