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The tech summit today and the level of how low Liberals will go. Ben Garrison out classes them all.

By Tenpoundbass follow Tenpoundbass   2019 Jul 11, 8:18am 287 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share

Ben Garrison has been a true champion, fighting the good fight through excellent political cartoons. Ben's legacy will probably out live every member of Congress in the current session. You can bank on that. In 100 years, Ben Garrison Political cartoons from 2019, will be future History books, like we saw in our History books. They are the best tools to illustrate History.

William Hogarth (1697-1764) has been attributed with the early development of political cartoons.
James Gillray (1756-1815), considered the father of political cartooning
George Cruikshank (1792-1878) was from a family of caricaturists and artists
Thomas Nast (1840-1902) landed an illustration job at Harper’s Weekly. Nast satirized the major political issues of his era: slavery, the Civil War, Reconstruction, and corruption.
Rube Goldberg (1883-1970) began his editorial cartooning for The New York Sun in 1938, and was soon syndicated nationally. Using strong visual metaphor, his political cartoon,

I have a vivid image of Politics throughout History thanks to the artists listed above. There is no doubt Ben Garrison will be in future History books.

If you don't know who he is, check out

So after Trump invited Ben the evil Left started a smear campaign to label him an Antisemite. (It's OK when Congress goes full Nazi Commie on us though).
This got Ben dis invited, as Trump did not want to make this summit about White Supremacy. Ben being a trooper has made several pro Trump anti Liberal cartoons since then. He didn't sulk back to his room and conjure up Trump epitaphs in spite. As many Gab agitators would have liked him to do.

Ben has been under attack since his early support for Trump. He even had a crackpot Jewish Commie embellishing his cartoons with antisemitic caricatures and circulated them around as authentic Ben Garrison works.

Let's all Salute Ben Garrison and his stellar character to presivier without blaming Trump for caving or giving into the Lefts smears. He realizes the bigger picture.

BTW his prints are for sale at his website.

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