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“extend the term of the loan, and pretend it’s ever going to be repaid.”

By HEYYOU follow HEYYOU   2019 Jun 24, 6:07pm 328 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

"And there are a lot of zombies around. The BIS reckons no fewer than 12% of the non-financial companies on major developed stock markets could be “zombie” companies, at least by a loose definition."

"Zombie companies are bad for the rest of the economy. Forget about being an economist: Think about the worst company you ever worked for. Think about all the waste that took place — all the money, time, effort and potentially valuable real estate wasted by idiot managers and self-serving bureaucracies and terrible technology and all the rest."

At least the Reps & Dems are financial geniuses!

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