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Crooked Donnie's “Fake News” Tactics

By jazz_music follow jazz_music   2019 Apr 27, 2:37pm 409 views   2 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

The donor class are delighted at the loot they get while this prick tells you whatever he thinks you were dying to hear, but you can't elect your way out of this trap into updated feudalism.

Freedom is your never ending job, not someone else's.

Variety and other news outlets reported that Donald Trump planned to serve as an executive producer for “The Celebrity Apprentice” while he was President. Kellyanne Conway, appearing on CNN, defended the President-elect’s prerogatives, but the next day Trump tweeted that the story was “fake news.” Since then, he has tweeted about fake news more than a hundred and fifty times; on a single day in September, he did so eight times, in apparent frustration over coverage of his Administration’s response to Hurricane Maria’s devastation of Puerto Rico. And, of course, Trump regularly invokes “the fake-news Russian-collusion story,” as he named it last summer. He has attacked coverage of the Russia investigation more than a dozen times on Twitter alone.

“One of the greatest of all terms I’ve come up with is ‘fake,’ ” Trump said on Mike Huckabee’s talk show, in October. (In fact, the phrase “fake news” has been around for more than a century.) The President’s strategy has been successful, however, in at least one respect: he has appropriated a term that had often been used to describe the propaganda and the lies masquerading as news, emanating from Russia and elsewhere, which proliferated on Facebook, YouTube, and other social-media platforms during the 2016 election campaign. These manufactured stories—“POPE FRANCIS SHOCKS WORLD, ENDORSES DONALD TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT,” among them—poisoned the news ecosystem and may have contributed to Trump’s victory.

Judging from the President’s tweets, his definition of “fake news” is credible reporting that he doesn’t like. But he complicates the matter by issuing demonstrably false statements of his own, which, inevitably, make news. Trump has brought to the White House bully pulpit a disorienting habit of telling lies, big and small, without evident shame. Since 2015, Politifact has counted three hundred and twenty-nine public statements by Trump that it judges to be mostly or entirely false.


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Fucking bastard

Fuck Trump

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You can comment.

You don’t have to say a damn relevant thing! You can pick at the source, the writer, some ideology, the typesetting, any little thing you can say you know about the person who posted, it doesn’t even matter how small, just any little thing at all for a laugh or a taunt.

That’s the way to get a little love from the far-right sob sisters, they equate thinking with emasculation. [meh]

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