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The Country's fastest-growing job sector

By BigFrank follow BigFrank   2019 Apr 27, 1:58pm 401 views   2 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share

Although cannabis remains illegal on the federal level, 33 states now allow its sale at least for medical purposes. Ten of them, including California, have legalized recreational use. And as new markets open and capital continues to flood in, the cannabis industry has become, by some measures, one of the country’s fastest-growing job sectors.
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It seems that the Blue states have restored Freedom and Liberty to Great Americans, while the Purple States have partially restored Freedom and Liberty to Great Americans. Red Shithole Republican States seem to still be waging Jihad against the Freedom and the Health of their citizenry. It's a shame that Republicans and The Christian Church are still hellbent on waging their War against The Citizens of The United States Of America, because not only are they harming the health of their constituents, they are robbing them of their Freedom and Liberty, while prohibiting them from participating in the Greatest Economic Boom of the 21st Century. Red States are less safe because they waste so much taxpayer dollars on their Failed Loser War on Drugs, and it makes the Police an enemy of the community, which makes it MUCH harder for them to fight real crime, because they get no assistance from the community, because they are seen as the Enemy.

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