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The Pacifica, California RV Lifestyle

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#pacificahomelessTom McLaughlinTom McLaughlin, Park Pacifica
The “RV Street Lifestyle”
The public “Street Lifestyle” in the Bay Area is expanding and many of these people are looking for a new public parking space to move into and live without being cited or having to pay the cost of parking. Pacifica easily meets those requirements.

Pacifica is the new place to move into because the parking codes are very outdated and not keeping up with San Mateo County cities that saw this problem developing over the past two decades. Those cities protected their citizens with upgraded Municipal Parking Codes, not Pacifica.

New parking codes have not yet been approved by the Pacifica City Council for decades. New plans to approve upgraded parking codes are still being stalled and delayed by some city council members who don’t understand the risks they are causing to the City of Pacifica.

The “Health and Safety” risks for the citizens of Pacifica will continue and increase with the quantity of “RV’s” that are parked on the public streets.

The human health risks have been identified, as well as the environmental damages caused by this “Street Lifestyle”. The safety risks have also been identified by this transient lifestyle.

Reasonable human instincts and common sense can solve this problem. It is not as complex or difficult to solve as some people want it to be.

Who is our city insurance carrier? When the insurance carrier for the City of Pacifica finds out our codes are outdated, do they get to improve our “Health and Safety” with their opinion directed at the city council? We don’t want to loose our insurance carrier and we can’t afford to pay more for unhealthy and unsafe conditions.

The photographs included are from a Bay Area City that has people who are looking for new places to move. Maybe Pacifica is being considered?

Pacifica City Council, What happens now?

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Will trump dump a few migrants off in Pacifica o the way to SF sanctuary?

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