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Need to Impeach NOT - Will Powers Explains Why Not.

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Tom Steyer Has a Losing Hand

Tom Steyer hedge fund manager / climate change activist, still believes Trump “committed eight additional impeachable offenses” regardless of what the Barr summery indicates.

Need to Impeach is Steyer’s website to collect signatures on a petition to impeach President Donald J. Trump.

The number one issue: according to Steyer is “election fraud” which he thinks is an indictable offense for writing Michael Cohen a “check” while “in the White House” to pay off Stormy Daniels. Trump is not likely to impeached for this, or for any other reason on Steyer's site.

I go through each and every shaky reason Steyer has for impeaching the president and explain why they don’t stand up to scrutiny in this article:

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Other reasons Steyer thinks Trump should be impeached include: advising Cohen to lie before “Congress”, a story that has been debunked by ROBERT MUELLER, calling the story “inaccurate”.

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