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Housing Misery in Lake Tahoe

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Tahoe Housing Trouble Part 1: Growing housing costs, low wages make it impossible for some Tahoe locals to stay
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Housing problems do tend to be associated with more urban areas. But unlike San Francisco and New York City, resort towns like South Lake Tahoe need to have a workforce strong enough to support millions of visitors annually.

That's a lot to ask of a region with about 55,000 full-time residents (as of the 2010 U.S. Census), and where close to 60,000 homes are owned by absentee owners, according to Tahoe Prosperity Center's (TPC) 2018 Measuring for Prosperity Report."
**Strategist: It's a resort town. You would expect absentee owners. WTF are they complaining about?

"Last year, Martinez and her children were living in a tiny apartment in South Lake Tahoe — it was cramped, but manageable.

Everything changed when her brother, who was living with the family part time, committed suicide in the apartment. It ultimately forced her to move out and made the threat of homelessness a stark reality.

"That has got to be the hardest thing I have ever seen in my life," Martinez said.

While searching for a place to live, Martinez was still paying for the apartment, waiting for the lease to end, while staying with friends and in motels.

Then in November, Martinez had a stroke-like episode. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and she and her boyfriend finally decided it was time to get a place off the hill.

The family now has a three-bedroom in Carson City for about $850 per month. They commute to South Lake Tahoe for work, and Martinez also needs to be in California for medical treatments."

**Strategist: Another sob story. You found a solution by living in Carson City, yet you whine about not being able to live with rich people, when you are not rich.

"With dreams of living a life in the mountains, Fresno native Megan Soliz was greeted by a housing nightmare when she moved her family to South Shore about two years ago.

Soliz expected cost of living to be higher, but did not anticipate how hard it would actually be to find housing. The family bounced between relatives and motels every few weeks before finding a rental home about a year later.

"(Tahoe) was our little spot to get away, and then I told my husband at one point 'you know I really want to live up there,'" Soliz said. "Compared to living in Fresno pretty much all my life I just could not believe how bad the housing was here. I was just mind-blown."

**Strategist: Hello? Why is this even a sob story? Solis foolishly decided to move without doing their homework. You really think people who make very little, can just move into a neighborhood where people make a lot. Go back to Fresno.

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