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Are we in a housing bubble? What panel of experts say.

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, Said real estate tracker CoreLogic. Home prices increased 6.8 percent in a year, which experts attribute to a lack of homes for sale and a strong economy. The previous home peak was $545,000 in June. So that has led us to ask our panel of experts the following question this week.

Question: Are we approaching housing bubble territory?
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The answer that make the most sense to me:
Gina Champion-Cain, American National Investments

NO: Even as interest rates increase, demand remains high and public policy designed to prevent creation of housing stock will ensure inadequate supply. These conditions will breed appreciation but not a bubble. Bubbles require rampant speculation fueled by irresponsible lending, neither of these conditions are present. The absence of "stated income" loans has shifted the under qualified consumer to rental living which removes those previously vulnerable mortgages from the market further reducing bubble risk.
The answer that make the least sense to me:

Austin Neudecker, Rev

YES:. I am no real estate expert, but any market at a peak gives me pause for consideration. I would guess that low-interest rates are a contributing factor, and as the rates increase, prices may see an impact. Also, with recent layoffs (e.g. Qualcomm), San Diego needs to attract/build more companies with high-paid workers, yet we are still at historically low (official) unemployment (which is increasingly misleading as a metric).

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