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Trump trashes Iran nuclear deal. What will Iran do now?

By Strategist follow Strategist   2018 Apr 24, 4:47pm 1,352 views   2 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    


US President Donald Trump and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron have suggested there could be a new agreement on Iran's nuclear programme.
After talks in the US, Mr Trump, who is sceptical of an accord that was struck in 2015, spoke about "doing a much bigger, maybe, deal".
Mr Macron said a new pact must cover Iran's ballistic missile programme and its role in the Middle East.
Iran warned of "severe consequences" if the US withdraws from the deal.
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The Iran nuclear deal essentially back to square 1. Iran has 2 choices:
1. Agree to a new deal.
2. Restart their nuclear program.
If Iran agrees to a new deal, it would be a humiliating defeat. If they restart their nuclear program, Trump will make them sorry as hell.
Either way, Iran permanently loses it's dream of becoming a nuclear power. The Arabs win, Israel wins, West wins, World wins.

Thank You Trump. What a guy.
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What severe consequences? Iran spent all it's Obama Cash and now doesn't even have the cash to pay their rural village Imam/Make-work/Rent-a-Rioter base.

There's a reason Hamas is throwing themselves at the Gaza border, the Houthis are going crazy, and Hezbollah is going back to assassinating political opinions.

They're done for, and they know it.

Keep the pressure on.

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