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Why car dealers hate Tesla and electric cars.

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They can't make money from servicing cars. Not much to service. LOL.

t’s really all about not killing the goose that laid the golden egg. Franchise auto dealers know they are in a fight for survival as the automotive market shifts gears around them. It’s ironic that dealer franchise laws were originally intended to protect dealers from powerful auto manufacturers. If you owned a Chevy, Ford, or Chrysler dealership, you could wake up one morning to find another one next door or across the street. The big boys in Detroit handed out franchises to whoever they liked — and punished those they didn’t.
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Taxi companies can't compete against Uber.
Many hotels can't compete against Airbnb.
Retail stores can't compete against Amazon and Ebay.
Dog boarding is going the way of Airbnb. "Rover.com"
Newspapers and magazines can't compete with online news.
Rental car companies are facing competition from "Turo.com"
Travel agents are already history.
Does anyone think we need a crooked car dealer, the insurance agent, or the realtor? Even good plumbers, which we could never find before, are easily available through Angies List.

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