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Muslim bitch sues Chicago police for strip searching her.

By Strategist follow Strategist   2016 Aug 13, 5:00pm 2,005 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

She was acting suspiciously and not cooperating with the police. Now SHE is suing them.


CHICAGO: A young Muslim woman on Thursday sued Chicago police who mistakenly identified her briefly as a potential "lone wolf" terrorist as she was leaving a city subway station last year on the Fourth of July wearing a headscarf, face veil and carrying a backpack.

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Covered in head to toe, including wearing a mask that is banned in most locales. Furthermore, she wore ankle weights. During Ramadan, wearing ankle weights when she can't eat during daylight hours? "Oh, I'm wearing wrist weights on the subway while I'm fasting for a blood test tomorrow and can't eat for 24 hours starting 6 hours ago at 8AM. Makes sense."

And was totally uncooperative.

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