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“If Stench calls, take a message” and “Tell Stench I’m having finger san

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IT BEGAN with Mitt Romney’s 47% disaster in front of mega-wealthy donors. Paul Ryan saying that Mitt Romney was “obviously inarticulate.” But according to multiple reports now, Ryan is trying to save himself so he can live to run another day.

The Romney campaign continues to argue that it’s the polls that are wrong. Sean Hannity is leading this embarrassing talking point through Dick Morris, with both of them making even bigger fools of themselves than usual. When a tape was shown in Ohio on “Morning Joe” today the “stench” was in full view. The crowd started chanting “Ryan. Ryan. Ryan.” Romney stepped up and when he shook Ryan’s hand you could see what Paul Ryan was saying to his running mate. It looked like “Sorry, man.

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There is nothing factual to this at all. The "Stench" nickname originates from a satire piece, and the crowd was shouting "Romney," not "Ryan." That's according to an Huffpo reporter who was at the event. When Romney entreated the crowd to chant "Romney Ryan," he was adding Ryan's name, not his own, to the chant.

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Reminds me of an episode of the Veep.

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