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"Purchase Health Insurance Across State Lines"

By bdrasin follow bdrasin   2012 Jun 29, 3:16am 1,163 views   0 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share      

Of course, there is no Federal law at all prohibiting this; what there is is 50 different states each with their own regulations as to what an insurance company has to do to be allowed to sell insurance in their state.

According to Wikipedia, 22 state governments are completely controlled by Republicans:

That is to say, they have a Republican Governor and completely Republican-controlled legislatures.

So, if the real solution to health insurance problems is to allow people to purchase policies "across state lines" (that is, policies which don't follow the regulations of your state but rather those of some other state), why don't these states just pass a law to allow just that? The fact that none of them have done so seems to me damning proof that Republicans don't really believe this and its just a rhetorical talking point.

If there's something wrong with my reasoning please let me know; I'm genuinely curious if there is something I haven't though of.


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