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Why Mitt Romney is Unelectable and will NEVER Be President

By HousingWatcher follow HousingWatcher   2011 Nov 15, 12:38pm 1,646 views   2 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share      

There are a lot of reasons why people hate Romney. He is not energetic. He flip flops. He supported the individual mandate, etc. None of those reasons matter much and are irrelevant. The fact is that Romney has a catastrophic flaw in his background that will ensure he loses. it has gotten virtually no attention in the GOP Primary, but it will get TONS of attention in the general election.

So what did Romney do? He laid off thousands of people to enrich himself and his cronies. Back when Romney was running against Ted Kennedy in 1994, he was ahead of Kennedy. But that changed after Kenendy brought up Romney's layoffs when he was at Bain Capital. 2012 will be a re-peat of 1994.

After a Romney Deal, Profits and Then Layoffs

A company that laid off hundreds of employees. A federal “bailout” to rescue a failing bank. Mitt Romney, at the center of it all."

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HousingWatcher says

After a Romney Deal, Profits and Then Layoffs

Layoffs happen, either you cry about it like a baby or move on. In due time every SV company had layoffs. Its a normal part of a career/job.

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Funny you mention '94 because someone put a romney bumper sticker on a stop sign back then and for some reason 17 years later most of it is still there.

The problem with Romney I'd say is he doesn't have that much to really run on...

"he "saved" the olympics" quite honestly to be blunt who really cares that much about the olympics? The last one that did well financially was in '84. The three big events worldwide are the olympics, the world cup and the worlds fair. I doubt that many outside of Utah actually remember it...heck Australia deleted their olympic webpage!

Remember President Ford? first president really not elected...well we had that in mass. Governor Weld left office and salluchi (bad spelling) was in..then he left to be ambassador to canada and swift came in...then romney and he left later. I can't say he did much other than pass the health care...we almost legalized the death penalty and we had the priest scandal.

Romney has a ton of cash on hand and I know personally that if he speaks at a fundraiser you will raise significant funds. But outside of that I don't see that much staying power with him.

In a sense I could argue he is like a obama of the right. Both claim three places for connections. Obama went to school for two years in LA then a few in NYC and then went to chicago. Romney tries to say he has connections to Utah, Michigan and Mass...pick a state man...

This summer is going to be pretty damn dramatic. Let's say Romney Romney vs Obama. They both pretty much support the same health plan. OK..what if the supreme court rules against it AND the ballot to remove romney care in mass passes. Then whoever wins frankly has nothing from day one.

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