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Thu Jul 09 2020

White Antifa Useful Idiot Stooge(Thumbs Up) Hate Crime! ( comments

"Read my lips: MOAR taxes" -- Biden ( comments

Who hasn't had a night like this? ( comments

Man Can’t Shake Feeling That Someone Other Than Government, Employer, Advertisers Watching Him ( comments

Why "all lives matter" communicates to Black people that their lives don't ( comments

Ilhan Omar has paid new husband’s consulting firm $878,000, filings show ( comments

CURE for COVID - Generic Steroid ( comments

City of Seattle held segregated training session for white staff aimed at 'undoing their whiteness' and told them 'not to take undeserved promotions' to be better allies for racial justice ( comments

One Man's Mural is another Man's Graffiti. ( comments

Jesuit Marquette University claims Student isn't Student. ( comments

Minnesota doctor formally investigated for stating the truth that hospitals have a massive financial incentive to classify diseases as Wuhan virus ( comments

Stephen Jackson goes all anti-white racist on us ( comments

How funny would it be after the projecting and speculation that Trump will drop out by the left ( comments

Stephen Jackson, Kevin Durant among ex-Bay Area athletes embroiled in anti-Semitism controversy ( comments

Wed Jul 08 2020

Calling the cops on Black people is a crime in San Fran Freako "Karen Act" Honk Honk! ( comments

Trump smacks education Nazis in the tits! ( comments

Johnny Depp on the Ketih Richards diet ( comments

The election is over, Biden calls for cutting police, making Trump's attack ad against him 100% accurate. ( comments

Lefties are starting to suspect the Revolution is about to eat its [s]children[/s] parents. ( comments

The Answer to why Joe Biden is even still in the race ( comments

There are no "transgender" people, only mental illness ( comments

56 Florida hospital ICUs have hit capacity as 1000s of CRISIS! ACTORS! fake infections to make TRUMP! look bad because SOROS! ( comments

This bitch needs to hang for committing treason ( comments

Tue Jul 07 2020

Can the WNBA pull us out the shit? ( comments

White Eagles star wide receiver fired after racist tweet. ( comments

SDC Utopians Get Kicked In The Balls -- AGAIN ( comments

Walmart's stock rises 7% on report of Amazon Prime competitor coming this month ( comments

EVAULT Video ( comments

President Trump just up more than 500,000 American jobs to Americans ( comments

All ten people must go, if 10 people are suspect, getting rid of one wont solve the problem. ( comments

Range ( comments

Commie Dearest ( comments

Fake hate crime #1294732 - black man attacked at lake monroe, threatened with noose ( comments

LOL Trump's enemies are giving him their email and phone numbers. ( comments

Ghislaine Maxwell will die by Corona! ( comments

home prices to drop 6.6% from June 2020 to May 2021 ( comments

'This is the only way to get real change': How Black Americans are using their purchasing power as a means of protest on #BlackOutDay2020 ( comments

Liberal hypocrisy is what makes them ultra creepy ( comments

COVID almost NOT an Epidemic ( comments

Old Time Baptist Church Attacked by BLM in Troy, NY ( comments

Watching squirrels F*ck in the middle of the road ( comments

SCOTUS: No Faithless Electors ( comments

DiBlasios mows down a Father as he walks across the street with his 5 year old daughter. ( comments

The Russian Origins of Black Neo-Marxism ( comments

CNN Layoffs aren't far behind... ( comments

Mon Jul 06 2020

New rules: Foreign pupils must leave US if classes go online ( comments

Nation That Kills 3,000 Babies A Day Feels Morally Superior To Slaveowners From 200 Years Ago ( comments

Feds Arrest Black Lives Matter Organizer For Blackmailing Local Businesses ( comments

If anything, Mainland China (PRC) and our current leftism in the USA, seem to converge ( comments

Is the Texas Covid ‘Spike’ Fake News? ( comments

Wall Street Vet Says "Rocket Ship" Economy Will Take S&P 500 To 4,000 By 2021 ( comments

"Racist" College Researcher Ousted After Sharing Study Showing No Racial Bias In Police Shootings ( comments

Georgia governor declares state of emergency, authorizes 1,000 National Guard troops to Atlanta ( comments

RIP Charlie Daniels ( comments

Let's all show our deepest appreciation to Liberals for ending the Gun Control debate for us. ( comments

Yer honor I sure would appreciate it if you could find it in the kindness of your heart to hang everyone of these mother fuckers until they be dead! ( comments

Top Men at Justice Department with Final Say on Goldman Sachs Felony Charges Got Big Payouts from Kirkland & Ellis – Goldman’s Law Firm ( comments

The New York Times is “thoughtful” ( comments

"Who could have seen this coming?", cries Big Bottom. ( comments

Trump would do anything for Putin. No wonder he’s cheering on the Russian bounties and sucking Putin even harder!. ( comments

Beacuse it's jail, not an SJW daycare center... ( comments

Sun Jul 05 2020

What is worse then a Realtor? ( comments

Armed BLM activists and 2nd Amendment come together at Richmond Open Carry march ( comments

The Intellectual Yet Idiot 2 ( comments

Escape from New York ( comments

Resist the Resisters ( comments

NeverTrump goes full Chamberlain ( comments

Ever get the feeling We and Trump interupted a Fundemental Transformation? ( comments

I've cancelled Kapernick. This guy is a nutcase. ( comments

Black militia now controlling some areas ( comments

Elon: Chomsky Sucks, Tell the Kids Communism is a Failure ( comments

Sat Jul 04 2020

There's no crying in football. ( comments

Upside of Wuhan Virus: more countries questioning outsourcing ( comments

Cancel Culture ( comments

Photo Emerges of Ghislaine Maxwell and Kevin Spacey Sitting on Queen’s Throne ( comments

Systemic Racisim ( comments

2 women struck by car on Seattle highway closed amid protests ( comments

Putin is less woke than the American Democrat party as a whole. ( comments

Standing on freeway at night wearing dark clothes? ( comments

Black Pastor: “All the killing ain’t coming from white people…WE are killing one another!” ( comments


Tucker Carlson leading in surprise demographic ( comments

Prop 16 coming November 2020 ( comments

Fri Jul 03 2020

Conservatives: stop appropriating cancel culture! ( comments

Marcus Vows to Vote for Trump, Urges Other Dems to Do Same ( comments

San Francisco virtue-signaled itself into a hole ( comments

Hydroxychloroquine helped save coronavirus patients, study shows ( comments

Study ties hydroxychloroquine use to lower COVID-19 death rate ( comments

U.K. Offers Home to Hong Kong Citizens After China Crackdown ( comments

28% of 4,400 tech workers surveyed plan to leave the Bay Area and 27% plan to leave the state ( comments

San Francisco Rent Drops Most On Record As People Flee For Suburbs ( comments

Drink Up, Cool-Aid Drinkers ( comments

Cisco allows discrimination against "Dirty Dalits" in California ( comments

Lying Fuck-wits at the CDC ( comments

"Get Ready For The Darkest Winter Of All Time" ( comments

Marc Faber on the current mayhem ( comments

Trump Admin is arresting rioters/looters - here they are ( comments

Silver coins kill germs! ( comments

Kamala Harris Wiki Page being Edited like Mad ( comments

Orcs are no Longer Evil ( comments

NFL Going Full Woke ( comments

Very intetesting stats ( comments

Thu Jul 02 2020

Russian bounties further strain Trump's bond with veterans ( comments

Facebook losing revenue due to Thought Police monster they helped to create ( comments

Police officer filmed punching black woman at Miami International Airport ( comments

Weather Underground and BLM ( comments

Mobs Of Buffalo Tear Down Statues Of Cowboys And Indians ( comments

Ghislane didn't Kill Herself ( comments

Frankenstein is loose can’t do shit now. BLM is after Isreal. ( comments

Citigroup Has Made a Sap of the Fed: ( comments

In case you're wondering, only Democrat ran cities tolerate and promote lawlessness and destructive riots and looting ( comments

The Jive Ass Mother Fucker Obama, is a cheap trick Racist ( comments

Ghislaine Maxwell's death ruled a suicide. Shoots self in back 8 times, pausing once to reload. ( comments

Phew! Thank God this will be over sooner than we all think ( comments

Florida sheriff says he'll deputize lawful gun owners if law enforcement can't handle protesters ( comments

Five states -- Arizona, California, North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas -- reported a record number of new cases Wednesday! MAGA! TRUMP! PROVED IT'S A HOAX! MAGA! ( comments


Appeals court lifts restraint against Trump book publisher, so prepare for lots of retellings of tales of TRUMP! being caught blowing the neighbor's pets and other crimes against nature! ( comments

Oakland Zoo faces permanent closure if it doesn't reopen this month ( comments

The Definition of Karen has Changed ( comments

Harvard Grad Claira Janover lost her Deloitte job over TikTok terror video ( comments

Why Derek Chauvin May Get Off His Murder Charge ( comments

Open letter to Kenny Gryp: It was morally wrong of you to let the most intolerant win ( comments

Wed Jul 01 2020

De Blasio declares New York City 'safest big city in America' ( comments

Law and Order ( comments

CNN Center up for Sale ( comments

LOL! ‘Unhinged Old Crank’ Award ( comments

Without Mugshots most will always assume the perpetrators are Black ( comments

Bohemian Bourgeois Spawn mock Cops ( comments

DiBlasio needs a profound reason to understand Liberty and that Americans will never yield to communist will. ( comments

Protesters set up guillotine outside of Jeff Bezos’ DC home ( comments

Racist time travelers will not escape cancelling ( comments

Indian Caste system discrimination in American tech companies ( comments

Indoor dining - Nyet! Outdoor high-density Marxist demonstrations - Da! ( comments

Biden's Press Conference was Scripted ( comments

Many states halt or reverse plans for reopening as coronavirus cases spike ( comments

The NGO's just got Eph'd in the 1A ( comments

Flatten the fear ( comments

Biden says he would make wearing face masks mandatory for Americans ( comments

Tue Jun 30 2020

And here are Republicans selling out America. ( comments

Mercy killing leads to financial claims ( comments

These Bastards are putting your right to defend yourself from Terrorists on trial ( comments

Yawn! And, The Covid Fraud Moves On..... ( comments

Distinct pattern for coronavirus transmission emerges ( comments

Biden at 55% in Critical Poll. ( comments

Chinese spies penetrated Trump ( comments

CA to make it illegal to call 911 based on Race ( comments

Trump is 100% right so suspend H1-B, H2-B, J, and L visas ( comments

The rioting, looting, killings - no problem, but now you are leading these thugs to my house! ( comments

BLM/Antifa surround car in... Provo, Utah? And shoot at driver ( comments

Grievance Cage Match! ( comments

Marxism | Critical Theory ( comments

AP sources: White House aware of Russian bounties in 2019 ( comments

It's time to light the commies up! ( comments

"Oh, Lordy, can't the police do something?", whines Seattle chief of police. ( comments

A racist can change his name, but he'll always be a hater and a racist ( comments

Epocolypse Fuck! ( comments

CARL BERNSTEIN ON TRUMP'S PHONE SEX CALLS WITH PUTIN: Trump Was Begging Putin to Fuck His Face Harder and Harder and Screaming Please Make Me Your Bloody Whore Bitch and Get Me the Killer Refi, My Lord and Master! ( comments

On Behalf Of Environmentalists, I Apologize For The Climate Scare ( comments

Reddit takes Chinese money and purges 2,000 subreddits ( comments

80% of Democrats have some form of dementia, only 20% can spot it in other people. ( comments

Mon Jun 29 2020

To Simple!!! ( comments

New Swine Flu Reminds AMERICA!'s Hot Chicks Survival Depends on Breathing Through My Dick Until 2029 ( comments

Nothing Worse Than A CHAZ/CHOP Trannie Diving For Cover Ass In The Air Begging For Mommie And The Cops ( comments

Trump directs federal agencies to fill job vacancies based on merit rather than degrees ( comments

India bans TikTok + 59 other apps ( comments

Fighting back! ( comments

Twitch Suspends Trump's Official Account ( comments

Reddit pulls the Plug on The_Donald ( comments

How you know the goal is Anti-White ( comments

Roberts Betrays Yet Again ( comments

10 Key Questions House Reps Should Ask Powell and Mnuchin Tomorrow ( comments

Neutering the police has consequences ( comments

Controversy over Home Depot pest removal products ( comments


TMZ doesn't get the concept of who Karen is. Karen is the self righteous cunts that tells other people what to do. ( comments

NYC Year of Crime ( comments

Sun Jun 28 2020

Blacks kill other blacks at 71 TIMES the rate that white police kill blacks ( comments

Breaking: “Racist Statue of Liberty” to be Dismantled, Returned to France ( comments

BLM rioters attack churches and synagogues, but no mosques ( comments

This week's Hoax ( comments

British police investigating to see if "White lives matter" banner broke laws. WTF? ( comments

ISIS to Advise Antifa ( comments

Traitor Trump is Putin's Bitch ( comments

Yes in case you're wondering, Cops can and will clear a park if needed, or they have an "OH Fuck We're getting Sued" moment ( comments

Only by apologizing for their skin color can white people begin to combat racism! ( comments

Trump: No, the mob will not be allowed to tear down statues by force ( comments

Trump tweets requests for public to identify BLM vandals ( comments

Number of H1-B workers taking American jobs has been kept secret from the public ( comments

Most of us are moderate and get along, but the media divides us and makes us angry ( comments

Soon FB will ban ALL conservatives ( comments

Wireless Emergency Alert: Stay Home, Avoid Gathering With People Outside Your Households ( comments

Wuhan virus traces found in March 2019 Barcelona sewage sample, Spanish study shows ( comments

'Family Guy' voice actor Mike Henry says he is 'stepping down' from Cleveland Brown role on animated series ( comments

Sat Jun 27 2020

Black Crime Matters ( comments

Democrat/media virus hysteria harms the poor most of all ( comments

Dumb people are teaching your children. ( comments

Democrats' anti-science hysteria could gurantee Trump's re-election ( comments

Fresh from twitter feed of ACLU ( comments

Feminism is creating political instability and violence ( comments

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