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Sniper says
They were so distraught and upset it wasn't a AR15, but a shotgun. I guess in their depressed state, they just combined the two together to make their own version.

The MSM does not care about facts. Semi-auto shotguns do exist but they are no where near as reliable as a pump action. Maybe the MSM is gunning for this?

These Saiga shotguns are still around but they can no longer be imported into the USA and thus command a very high price if you can find one for sale. You used to be able to get them in 12 gauge, 20 gauge, and 410 gauge until they were banned from import by the Obama administration. The imported guns were sold in a "sporting" configuration which means no pistol grip and the fire control group was pushed back and had a Rube-Goldberg mechanism that connected the trigger to the hammer release.

There were domestic firearms parts manufacturers in the USA that made conversion kits that comply with the 922r rules to restore these shotguns to the correct configuration. These kits moved the fire control groups forward to the correct receiver holes, installed a pistol grip, and allowed for the use of an adjustable stock. If you were handy with a hand held drill, you could drill out the rivets and remove all of the garbage added to make it a "sporting" configuration.

The only problem with this gun is that it does not like to run on low brass ammunition without a lot of gun smithing. The gun requires a lot of tuning to the gas system, and lapping work to the bolt to polish it up in order to reduce the internal friction.

The Saiga shotgun is nothing more than a modified AK-47 patterned firearm that shoots shotgun shells.
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This is one of the reasons that I love Ohio so much and wish that I did not have to move back to Texas. Ohio also recognizes the rights of free people to legally open carry without a permission slip (conceal carry). Ohio law preempts any local gun laws meaning that you can walk in the down town areas of major cities with an AR-15 strapped to your back and the city can do nothing about it.

Texas completely sucks in this regard because they do not recognize gun rights for people choosing to open carry. Shortly after moving there I ran into a guy trying to sign people up for a CC class that he was running while browsing guns at Cabelas. When I mentioned open carry, he got all defensive and stated that he does not support open carry. WTF! You either support gun rights or you don't. I can make a compelling argument that open carry is better safety wise.

I wish that I were single and 10 years younger because I would love to go out on a date with a woman like this.
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Strategist says
real purpose of the QE was to prevent a depression. It worked.

Negative. It was to assign losers in the games of economics at a later date rather than the banking system. The system is too full of bad debt that will never be paid back. The bad debt is still there and has not gone away. It will have to be written off at some point in the future which means someone is going to get fucked.
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lostand confused says
It is sad, such beauty. I was recently talking to a liberal woman who supported illegal immigration and was saying trump was heartless. I changed the subject to career etc and she started to complain about how difficult it was to egt good paying jobs, there was no job security anymore.

I was going to bring it up, but then I realized if her own brain cannot connect the two-then why bother? How can you not connect the two??

You should have asked about the car insurance rates. I recently moved from Ohio to Texas. My car insurance rates trippled. I looked into it and found out that the major cause of it was the large numbers of uninsured drivers, many illegally here.

You also have to look at the collective resources such as roads, water, and schools. All of these are being strained as the number of people using them goes up.

The leftist have gone crazy and are on a suicide mission.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
WineHorror1 says
AF - I seriously believe you should consult a mental health professional. Do it soon.

I did and the shrink killed himself!

Then I shit on the corpse's twitching face!

And gave the good news to the wife!


The shrink must have also been a part time realator.
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Strategist says
o fucking Socialists, duh.

Ohio is better in regards to taxes than Texas. Ohio has a Low income tax and very low property taxs. I grew up in the DFW area and left 20 years ago. I spent the last 13 years living in Ohio. If I had the same house here as I did in Ohio, my property taxes would be 5x higher. Ohh well. I have to go to where the jobs are.

Texas is also awesome because of the respect of my gun freedoms. I am getting sick and tired of seeing California plates here because I know that they fucked up their state and are now here to fuck up my state.
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You want a close air support plane that is cheap and effective?

This plane is made out of common off the shelf components used on other common jets. The Army should get these and train their warrant officers on how to fly them.
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Dan8267 says
We should make guns illegal and then prevent anyone who touches a gun from ever voting again. After all, if guns are illegal then all gun owners are, by definition, criminal scum. We should also do the same for people who go to church. Making things illegal to prevent people from voting is fun, isn't it?

The right to keep and bear arms is a protected right. There is no such right for people to use drugs other than alcohol. While I agree that the war on drugs is stupid, I also believe in upholding the rule of law. The people in prison for drugs simply chose to not follow the law.

Had the FBI simply upheld the rule of law, Clinton would have been going to trial for her crimes about mishandling classified materials during the 2016 elections. Intent to break the law is not required to get a conviction. Had she been on trial fighting a conviction, Bernie would have beaten Trump. The DNC beat themselves.

Now the DNC gets to watch the balance of the power swing more to the RNC in the 2018 elections while Trump nominates more judges. If Ginsburg decides to retire or she dies, Trump will push through another conservative onto the SCOTUS. I welcome this because it will hopefully safe guard the current status of the 2nd Amendment. I would like to see all state gun control declared unconstitutional but this is a long shot and just keeping what I have may be the best that I can hope for.

I have the feeling of Schadenfreude when I see the DNC. They are more fucked up now than 2 years ago. They will likely implode into several different parties. TDS makes it even more entertaining. It shows just how stupid and childish people can get over stupid shit.
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BlueSardine says
When did sunbathing ISIS wives qualify for protection?
thenuttyneutron says
The right to keep and bear arms is a protected right.

Why are you introducing a straw man argument here?
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It looks like they made the house out of Monolithic domes. If this is the case, they have about the most disaster resistant house that you can build.

These Monolithic domes have sustained direct hits from EF5 tornadoes and only having a few ceramic roof tiles get knocked off in Alabama. They have also been built on the coasts of SC and FL and sustained direct hits from Category 5 storms. The damage sustained to one was minor and easy to fix. They should outperform anything seismic that you can throw at them because there is almost no place to generate a moment on the structure.

This dome was flailed by a power transformer and sustained minor damage. Everything else around it was leveled. When you build a house out of reinforced shotcrete in a round shape, it will just about survive anything you can throw at it. They are also energy efficient.

I took a week long class in Italy, TX a few years ago to learn how to build these. I am running into the same bullshit here in Texas in my attempts to build one.

If these owners did indeed make this home out of Monolithic domes, I hope they tell the town to eat shit and die. This home is an expression protected by the 1ST Amendment and their safety and security also trump the stupid opinions about aesthetics from the town.

I forgot to mention that they also stand up well to wild fires.
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Ceffer says
Coulda been worse. The theme could have been "Michael Jackson's Butt Plug".

That would gain their approval because the lefties are pushing for pedo rights. Actually the owner figuring out a way to be labeled a victim might be the best option to go after.

I think the owner should open a soup kitchen and attract all the disadvantaged homeless opiate addicts so they can decorate the town with fece art. We all know that the lefties love that shit all over their town. They can be just like San Fransico!

The homeless and illegal aliens can build a shanty town in the middle of the town square and "motherfuck" Republicans to their heart's content.
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just_dregalicious says
y are GREAT when combined with Cali-anti-vaxxers!

Yes! I love your thinking. It has the allusion of giving of small pox contaminated blankets to the natives.
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Their brains need a system wide reboot. The human brain is nothing more than a highly modified primitive brain similar to what other animals have. The human brain was sculpted by many years of evoltion by adding on more complex hardware like the neocortex. If you were to put these women in a stressful situation where they were seriously hungry to the point that they almost die, their whole behavior would change. The simple circuits in the primitive portions of the human brain, like the brain stem, will take over and over ride everything above it. These ancient circuits are hard wired into all of our brains and can't be learned or unlearned. These ancient brain circuits are also hard coded into our DNA which is a high fidelity biological computer code.

Have you heard the crazy tales of people eating foods like raw meat/fish in a survival situations? The brain knows what the body needs to survive and instinct guides us on how to get it. It is so strong that I bet the most radical vegan would eat the ass out of a dead horse if it meant surviving vs dying.

Once the famine has subsided, they will automatically go into overdrive to replace all the missing people. Everytime a male masturbates to completion, they are activating this brain circuit in order to get a dopamine hit. This dopamine hit is also what makes drugs addictive. Imagine how many of us would be in jail if they outlawed masturbation.
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Heraclitusstudent says
thenuttyneutron says
If you were to put these women in a stressful situation where they were seriously hungry to the point that they almost die, their whole behavior would change.

Not even that. If they had even 2 small kids each, they would be running around doing useful things, instead of this mental masturbation on "women shouldn't have babies, or have abortions, the earth can't take it" while other less thoughtful women plop 7 kids.

I would be happy to give the young women on the left the information needed to create a kid. I would however not stick around because I would be driven insane by the annoying and repetitive echolalia "it's true!". The woman on the right is no longer useful to the human race because she looks to be well past her child bearing years.
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Roseanne Barr fucked up bad when she used ambien as an excuse!

She should have hired trusted actors to stage an sexual assault on her and then made up a story about being attacked and brutally gang raped by two black people wearing HRC2016 tee shirts. Obviously this is an acceptable behavior based on what I saw this week in the Jessie Smollett!

Now, if Jessie had staged this attack while under the influence of Ambien, would he still have gotten away without charges?
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I stopped watching them when they would not stop talking about that fucking missing plane for months nonstop.
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Tossing a salad....yuck. No self respecting human would eat an asshole.

I bet the husband had HPV and infected her mouth, asshole, and pussy. He then ate her pussy and got the HPV in his throat.
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komputodo says
On a sexual desiribility scale from 1-10, how many points does one drop after publicly announcing that they have a cancerous growth in their ass?

Not much. Just slap a rubber on.
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mell says
He may have gotten it from her.

Maybe...... she may have only been infected in the vagina and infected him. He returned the favor witH some ATM action.
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The left fears nothing more than a black gun. Using their logic, is it ok for the right wing victim of assault to shoot the leftist with an a Glock handgun during the milkshake attack?

These morons don't seem to understand that the victim does not know that the item is a milkshake while it is being thrown. It could easily be a rock or other dangerous object that could inflict serious bodily hard or even cause death.
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RC2006 says
Ceffer says
RC2006 says
It went like this pussy>his dick/mouth>her ass

Where is the illustrated flow chart?

This one made me spit some coffee laughing. It looks like some horrific drawing that a kindergartener made that would surely get CPS called.
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The shortcut would probably work for a Subaru or 4x4 truck! This is funny stuff.
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It is ok. We all have pet peeves.
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Does this mean RX warfarin is being banned?
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Patrick says

The 66-year-old points out to USAToday that no president has ever been removed from office, and to allow a 'small elite group' of lawmakers to move forward with impeachment with the presidential election less than a year away to him was not only unfathomable, but un-American.

'To some folks, that's reminiscent of what was done to kings and queens many years ago,' says Van Drew, USAToday reports.

'Everything our country doesn't stand for', he adds.

It's absolutely a coup attempt by the elite because Trump is messing with their ability to outsource factories and insource illegals at the expense of US workers.

What a shit show it would be if RBG passes away in the next few weeks from cancer and Trump nominates another SCOTUS justice. It would be complete chaos if the Senate took a break from the trial to confirm the nominee. I can only imagine how ugly and hilarious this would be. The "orange man bad" narrative would kick into serious over drive and TDS would become complete lunacy.
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There is a small chance that the Supreme Court may render a decision that could help this woman. The SCOTUS heard arguments today about NYC and their gun control. If the SCOTUS comes back with a decision that invalidates the requirements for people to have licenses or permits to exercise a right, there is hope for this woman.

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
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georgeliberte says
A good article about the use of the label 'privilege' used to protect the actually privileged by shifting focus from equality to diversity and blaming lower class white males

This sounds very similar to what happened between the newly freed slaves and the white lower classes. The only difference between now and then is that the elites are now siding with the people fighting against the white lower class.
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The last time I checked, free market capitalism is not supposed to have bailouts. If the Democrats want to demand stupid shit and it stops us from picking winners and losers with a bailout, I am going to cheer them on!

The only way to curb and correct bad behavior is to allow the markets to punish mistakes with economic loses. If a company needs liquidity, they can perform an equity offering or borrow the money. If they go insolvent, let chapter 11 bankruptcy cleanse them of the bad debt, wipe out the equity holders and give the ownership to the creditors. Let the Covid 19 become a well studied event that is taught in business schools as to why it is important to have savings on hand to weather the occasional bad times.

The constant market intervention is nothing more than the rich trying to maintain the status quo and to socialize the losses. Our economy would be on a much better footing if we allowed incompetence to be punished. Many of these companies foolishly borrowed money to purchase their own stock back.

These market distortions from the central banks and governments do massive damage. They prevent the economy from ever achieving its full potential. The system that we have is not free market capitalism and we must abandon our current system if we are ever to get an efficient economy going again.


I am also not convinced that the massive shutdown is better than accepting the surge in deaths. It is a terrible tragedy if you happen to be the one that dies from Covid 19. Many people will die if we allow the virus to keep spreading. What about the damage being dome by the shelter in place orders? I wish the Trump administration would walk us through their decision making process and give us answers to why we picked the current path.
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Buy a Hipoint 9 mm handgun aka Yeet cannon. They are cheap and ugly but reliable. You can also get a Hipoint 995 carbine that uses the same magazine as the handgun. The carbine is better for home defense because it gets better performance out of the ammo. I say this if you live in California.

I prefer a good 1911 any day over a 9 mm. I also prefer a 300 AAC AR carbine which is probably a no no in California.

Pump action shotguns like Mossberg 500 are good. The Keltec shotgun is good if you can find it. I am betting a lever action chambered in 45 colt would be ok in California. I think Rossi just released a new lever action that can eat 45 colt and 454 Casull. The Casull would require only 1 hit to stop an attacker.

If you go with a Glock 17 or 19, look at You can easily turn the handgun into a carbine which is legal under federal law.
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NoCoupForYou says
If I had a two-car garage and somebody said, "You wake up to a huge inferno surrounding your house and have 10 seconds to drive out to the street and book it. In the garage is a late 90s Corolla and a MB. They haven't been turned-over or used in 3 months. Only one will start right up and take you 100 miles down the road without any problems", I'll take the Corolla over the Mercedes-Benz

Now, if I woke up in a gun fanatic friends house, and I know he loves his firearms more than his wife, and I hear Antifa screaming "Kill Whitey!" while breaking down the front door, I'd grab the Sig Sauer before the Hi Point.

Bingo! I have never had a malfunction from a Hipoint. They are the cheapest guns out there. They give best bang/$. The blow back action is heavy and large so you wont be able to conceal carry. I gave a $189 Hipoint to my wife and she hid it in the bath room for some odd reason. It was coated in rust when I found it. I took it to the range without cleaning it or cycling the action and the stupid thing worked. The rust was on the outside and it was a thin film. The internals were good.

Owning a Hipoint is a dirty secret pleasure that every gun owner should experience. Think of it like you are fucking a fat chick that gives the best head that you have ever had. Just don't get let your friends know.

I also own a Hipoint 4595 and it kicks ass. It is every bit as good as a CMMG 45 AR in throwing 45 acp down range. It also costs about 1/4 the money of the CMMG. Yes the CMMG is awesome but many cant afford that. I think most people can afford $200 to buy a HD firearm.

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You have to go to extraordinary efforts to kill a Hipoint.

Most times a Squib followed by another round is an extremely dangerous situation. Hipoint had a warranty return with 35 bullets stuck in the barrel.
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joshuatrio says
Not sure why the push for hi points other than they are cheap. I work in DoD with a bunch of military guys who know/love guns. Their impression is that they are an ok cheap solution if you want a firearm, but none of the people I know would trust one with their lives.

Most are carrying Glock, MP Shield, Sig & Kimber.

I own a glock and it has been a good shooter. I had a few malfunctions early on before it had been broken in and it has run perfectly since then. I also own three Hipoints (45 carbine, 9 mm carbine, and a 9 mm handgun) and they have never had a malfunction despite putting hundreds of rounds through them. I have never disassembled them. I simply add oil where the manual says to add it and run a bore snake through it.

What do you do if you need to buy now but can't get into a range to break a new gun in or you can't find anything "good" for sale?

My answer is to buy a new 45 Hipoint or find an old used 38 revolver. The 38 revolver is common, lots of old people have them, and they are not very popular compared to the semi-autos. There are probably many 38s not known about by the authorities so you can probably get one through a private party transaction without filling out a 4473. This is legal under federal law as long as the parties reside in the same state. I would be surprised if it were legal in California. You then have to ask yourself what is best for yourself.

If you don't own a gun right now, you don't have the luxury of time to get the best gun. You need something cheap that will simply work every time you pull the trigger. I would feel more confident giving my mom a heavy Hi-point pistol than a "good" new gun because the recoil will be less with the Hi-point and I know how idiot proof it is.

Lets talk about ammo availability. I would take this bet every time. I bet you will be more likely to find 45 acp ammo on the self than 9 x19 right now. I saw this first hand for many years during the Obama years. I would also bet you will find more 45 acp in the wild at a garage sale than 9 mm. Many if not most of these "good" new guns are found in the 9 mm flavors. The older crowd favored the 45 acp and they are dying off.

Ammo is not an issue for me because I have my press, plenty of spent cases, new primers, various powders, and plenty of .308" and .452" bullets (rifle and pistol flavors). I can feed my 300 AAC carbine for a very long time and I could make "new" cases from old spent 5.56x45 cases. I can also feed a 1911 or my Bushmaster 450 rifle with the .452" bullets. I love the .308" bullets because I can feed the 300 aac, AR-10/bolt action Ruger Gun Scout in 308 Winchester or my M1 Garand. Most people don't even know that it is possible to reload/hand load ammo! Had the 350 Legend been out 10 years ago (it uses .355" bullets), I may have gone with the 9 mm instead of the .452" sized firearms.

You have to accept what you can get and what you can find to feed the gun under the current circumstances.

Just remember California, you did this to yourself.
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RC2006 says
FuckCCP89 says
RC2006 says
Il be in ID next month can I just go in and buy a gun and bring it back in my car?

In a word, no. (Assuming you are in CA now).

I'm CA resident. Is that a NO or a no ;);)

Be careful with this. A FFL will not sell you a pistol if you are an out of state resident. They will sell you a long gun.
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TrumpingTits says
That was at the mayor's residence. They didn't have any castle doctrine rights there (If Missouri even has castle doctrine rights). It wasn't their own home.

So, I hate to say this but...they weren't standing on much legal ground there. If it has been their home, then yeah. Better.

Plus they swung the weapons in the protesters direction. Especially the lady with the pistol. Definite no-no unless they had real, probable cause to, which isn't shown either way in this video.

Interesting. I read a different account of the same incident.
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RC2006 says
At the closest basspro shop they have these in stock perfect for plinking antifa.

The 45 Colt is an awesome cartridge. Rossi has a similar model that will shoot 454 Casull or 45 Colt.

I have asked for Henry to offer this as an option because they both use 0.452" bullets. The Hornady FTX is safe in a tube magazine and performs a lot better than a flat nose bullet. A 454 Casull load shot from a carbine will achieve speeds in excess of 2,000 fps with 225 grain bullet. This will stop most animals or people in 1 hit.

The 357 Magnum version is good too. I dont own a 357 but I have shot them many times. You can safely use 38 Special in a 357 magnum firearm. You might even have a bit more magazine capacity when you load 38 special.
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Would a pump action AR-15 be legal in California? There are kits being used in New Zealand to convert the semi-autos to pump action with minimal effort.
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Tenpoundbass says
I'm looking at purchasing a cabinet full of AR-15s.

Buy some Magpul D60 magaznines. You can stuff 60 rounds in each and store them long term without weakening the springs. These are also the ONLY AR-15 drum magazines that I have found to work reliably. Stay away from Pmag and Beta C.
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FuckCCP89 says
thenuttyneutron says
Tenpoundbass says
I'm looking at purchasing a cabinet full of AR-15s.

Buy some Magpul D60 magaznines. You can stuff 60 rounds in each and store them long term without weakening the springs. These are also the ONLY AR-15 drum magazines that I have found to work reliably. Stay away from Pmag and Beta C.

I don't like mags over 20rd - they interfere when shooting from the prone position.

Not the D60. They hang down below rifle about same as 20 rounder.
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When they offer this is 454 Casull/45 Colt, I will be interested in buying it.
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