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covid_shmovid says
They dindo nuffin'!

I know he resisted. But if he didn't have a weapon and there were 4 officers on site overall, killing him was totally unnecessary.

The 800lbs gorilla in the room (no pun intended) is the fact that the people that want unions and the protection that comes with them, caused this whole thing. They should be looking in the mirror and be upset with themselves. Not burning private businesses and assaulting innocent people.

This cop should have never been on the police force after dozens of complaints. This is what the left creates when it wants employee protection so they don't have to really do actual work. It's a sickness. There's no other way to interpret it. If you have skills you should get paid more than others, not what was negotiated for you by a 3rd party skimming from your paycheck. It's a sign of weakness that you'd let shittier workers get paid the same as you for doing less work or poor work. Fuck unions for causing all this harm to our country.
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Patrick says
They get rich by actually building the thing, providing value, and getting people to pay.

You don't even have to build it anymore, Obama did that for you ;) Sarcasm aside, creating and bringing something of value to people is the core of it all. The pay will come if there's value to another human.
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marcus says

Nope, just unions protecting bad employees as usual and giving us shit service. In this case the service actually killed someone. So now the people that want unions are running around with their hair on fire trying to blame everyone but themselves.... and getting free shoes and burning down productive businesses.
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NoCoupForYou says
richwicks says

That was police violence. She's on her porch. If some looter kills her, whatever - that's her decision. I'm perplexed you can't see that.

It's the National Guard, not the police. When there's a riot on and curfew declared, get inside. They can't adjudicate everybody standing in front of their house as to whether they belong there or not.

I generally agree with you NoCoup, but I'm with Richwicks on this one. I get they can't determine if she's on her own property or not, but you don't just say "light 'em up" and shoot a rubber bullet at a citizen. I'm also not sure which illegal executive order would have been the determining factor that they had to be inside the house. I understand the word curfew implies inside the house, but if 2 people or whatever are on the front porch you're going to meet your maker if you fuck with the wrong person.

If I was assaulted on my own property like that and had say an AR-15, many of those young men would be dead today. Both sides are playing with fire and in this case whether cops or national guard, that was a definite violation of rights and laws. Since I don't have an AR-15 I'd sue the fuck out of them personally as a civilian and the Guard/cops. I know my own temper and anger, hence why I haven't purchased a gun. But seeing shit like this makes me want to. Getting shot with a rubber bullet on your front porch IS the reason we have the 2nd amendment.
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Newbie123 says
Cops are here to serve and protect.

He didn't do that job. End of story. Has nothing to do with this.....
Newbie123 says
racist behaviors by cops.

Which most, if any are not racists. They're policing crime where it exists. Not difficult to understand.

The riots did nothing. If getting cops arrested is a victory, people need to rethink life. You want change, go out and actually do it unlike most the cowards "protesting" or whatever you want to call it. Get elected. Make change happen instead of bitching about it like a coward. The guy should have never been a cop after a dozen complaints. Mentioning you're a Republican has nothing to do with the topic at hand. It's useless information.
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HeadSet says
We are working toward this:

A unproductive or low productive mass in society supported by welfare and other government checks

Slavery in the form of illegals and cheap overseas labor to produce items so those getting gov checks have something to buy.

I'd agree. The other layer is shitty parenting with no accountability. Your kid fucks up now, they just kick him out of school to keep the standardized testing at appropriate levels so they don't lose funding.

I on the other hand take my kid to Mt. Rainier, Mt St. Helens and Mt. Hood with 4 days off of school over labor day and I absolutely get shit on by the principle. Fuck off. I'm enriching my kids. Eat some god damn rat poison land whale. 99% of the kids in my district will never go to Costa Rica. Half will barely knock off 20% of the lower 48 in their lifetime. But I'm made out to be a piece of shit because my kid misses school, doing things that make them better.

Our society has lost its way.
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covid_shmovid says
WookieMan says
I know he resisted.

This thread is not about the current exuse du jour to loot and pillage.

You know we're on the same page. No need to pull a Tim. I've yet to see a thread on this site with 10+ comments not get derailed. Not a dis against the site or anyone in particular, just the reality of what happens here. A conversation about scrambled eggs turns into the best way to punch a homeless person.
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richwicks says
NoCoupForYou says
richwicks says
Well, whatever.

So the Natty Guard stops and chats with every Porch Dweller during their patrol, while 3 blocks up, a gang of thugs is looting and burning shit. They would have stopped it if they didn't have to confer with every Karen that was lollygagging outside to make sure she was on her own property.

They didn't have to stop and confer with her at all.

Given the situation, there should have been zero interaction with the resident. One party was not a threat whatsoever and if there was a known issue further down the street, there was no point in wasting time with Karen. It was for sure a power play. This is why military cannot generally be involved in civilian incidences. They don't know how to properly react and will cause more problems.

If we're literally to the point where you have to be inside your home at a certain time of day then we're all fucked. The rioters and looters are for sure dumbasses. Popping off rubber bullets at a non-confrontational person is equally as stupid though. Armed people in certain areas would have 100% fired back with real bullets. It was not a very intelligent move and can only further tensions.
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jazz_music says
WookieMan says
Nope, just unions protecting bad employees
Policy protects them from getting drug tested, e.g. for steroids which cause hyper emotions and personality instability, even after killing someone. Can't even see if they were drunk on the job.

Are we agreeing?

While unions may get you equal pay for not doing equal jobs, they for sure protect you if you fuck up. That's the crux of this entire situation with Floyd. Not his fault, shouldn't have died, but unions protected a bum cop. What group wants unions? Private sector unions can be a thing. That's an agreement. Public sector unions should have no place in our society. It's negotiating against yourself. It gets you killed because you can't fire shit head cops, employees, etc...

That's technically not a cops fault, but the party that supports public sector unions at all costs in an attempt to get votes. Floyd would be alive today if the cop was allowed to have been fired like he should have been before this incident. We'd have no riots. Nothing. Just COVID.
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Tim Aurora says
6. Anytime you talk about Racism, Trumpsters will talk about "Blacks are coming to kill you"

Statistically, on the pure race threshold, which race kills the other at a higher rate? Not talking inter race, black on black or white on white. Which race kills the other at a higher frequency? There's a statistical and factual answer to this question. Be honest.

I don't know when it happened, race being tied to a political leaning or party. There are some unbecoming memes about race here, but I'm not certain I've seen any racist here. You need to check out some other forums maybe before judging the crowd here. We're all more alike here than you think. You may not like the comments, but the data backs up what most write here. Most stuff is backed up with links here. Even if they're suspect, at least most users try. Some don't.
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marcus says
Which one was more divisive. It's one of those questions that we will never know the answer to.

I voted for him. Obama. Hands down. No question to be asked.
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thomasdong1776 says
They tear gassed and fired rubber bullets into the crowd for the sole reason of moving the protesters back a few blocks so that Trump could stage his silly photo op at the church.

Yes, it was a photo op at a church. A large percentage of Americans are religious (I'm not) and this helps comfort them. Protestors around the POTUS during this time ain't a good thing whether you like him or not. If you think things are fucked up now, wait until there's some assassination attempt. Risk was too high and a few people had to cry on the way home. Cost of doing business so to speak.
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theoakman says
lol, we're on your side! We just happen to be playing beer pong while you guys destroy the city. Thumbs up! Go burn everyone elses business but please don't break my window.

They were for sure trolling the "marchers" until a brick came through the window. That's the moment you fucking run downstairs with a bat and bash their fucking faces in for trying to assault you. Not say "we're with you" after someone just tried to injure you. Millennials are pussies. I'm on the cusp, but don't associate with the loser/pussy variety of millennials.
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Rin says
Yes ppl, we're not dealing with honorable persons here but corporate hacks, looking for a buck.

Hence why I won't even take a pain reliever. If I need to numb pain in my world, I probably need to go to a doctor or the ER. Which hopefully means I'll catch an issue quicker instead of masking it.
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mell says
I'm not worried about or fixated on it. Neither should black people or the millions of protestors and rioters be fixated on Floyd.

Bingo. And that was also the point of my above comment. If you want to make things about race and be fixated on something, why shouldn't it be black on white crime? Murder is just one proponent of crimes. Given the demographic breakdown of race in this country, blacks are exponentially more likely to cause harm against white people. Yet we're burning the place down for a small fraction of 1% of crimes against black people.

Do I hate them? No. But people need to stop pretending that statistics on this stuff doesn't exist. I don't know the reason and don't have the answer. I have a purely analytical approach, blacks on paper are more racist based on crime statistics against another race. Change my mind.
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I actually don't totally disagree with Mattis. On the other hand he's a former military leader. He'd do best to stay in his lane and discuss those kinds of topics. While people can have varying skills outside of their chosen profession or even opinions, that doesn't mean they know all the details of a situation or topic. Domestic issues are not his expertise.

There's no one here that has details on potential domestic terrorist intel/threats. Mattis' comments are no different than someone posting here, even if he formerly worked with the POTUS. If Trump is going to use the military just for the fun of it, then yes, that's bad.

There's no evidence of that. I have to give the benefit of the doubt that he may have information of larger hostilities potentially brewing and it might be a scare tactic to squash any reasonable person from thinking of rioting and looting. There may be no intention of using the military and it's just typical Trump bravado. If it stops people from rioting/looting, I'm all for the bravado.
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I get where you're going, and maybe you agree, but it's not about race. It's about bad cops being allowed to stay on the force that aren't reprimanded or fired because of shit work. It doesn't matter that Floyd was black, but that's what the media is making it about. The spotlight is on the left to clean up their shitty police departments, so they're changing the narrative to race, which is not even what happened here.

Whether it's policing, teaching, fire fighting, etc. we need to get the third wheel out of the picture. Unions that protect bad people, and in this specific case a murderer who had over a dozen formal complaints. The blue line bull shit or whatever that is espoused from their unions that will protect them all the way with zero possible repercussions to leadership. All this was created from leftist policy and they're ashamed of the monster they created, so everything is just racist to deflect from the true story that they fucked up.

If BLM or any of the "peaceful" protesters wanted change, get off your ass and FOIA your police department for officer infractions. If there's an officer on the force with a bunch, get him fired. The time is now. But instead act like fucking retards and burn down shit that has nothing to do with what is and has happened and everyone's racist. The logic of these people is mind numbingly stupid.
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Kill another unarmed black?

Cool. Kill another unarmed white like they do as well. Probably never happens to Mexicans, so they're likely safe. Never has an Indian (native or foreign) been unarmed and killed either. What is so special about black people? Look into it and you'll find an answer.

The people that created the monstrosity called public sector unions, are now pissed off that they allow criminals and ass hoe's to police their streets with impunity. This is what you voted for. So now towns across the country that think you're doing it wrong have to suffer through idiots breaking and burning shit. How cute. These people are spoiled horse taint.
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NoCoupForYou says

I'm going in hard on this lately here. But abolish unions and allow chiefs and mayors to fire employees at will. Stop protecting ass hoes. If the neck cop had been fired for past transgressions this doesn't even happen. Many other cop issues against all races would drop as well. But hey, terms like "systemic racism" are super cute right now. Should be "system protection by unions of shit cops."
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FuckTheMainstreamMedia says
BLM is actually in a real bind. They are getting everything they asked for. What the hell will they do for money and attention once this blows over and they have no further reason to exist?

One thing is for sure, they'll never address the black on black crime with the funds they receive. In a multi-layer approach to ending police brutality, step one is black on black crime. You reduce that by 80% and you get reduced police encounters. You then do the FOIA idea above and find out who the bad apples are. Put pressure on the unions to out shitty cops. Then create campaigns geared towards to good cops to out the bad cops within their ranks.

I'm pretty convinced blacks for whatever reason like the status quo. There's no other way to explain it. There's a better path to choose, but they prefer to shoot themselves in the foot. Until they realize the leadership they put in place has failed them, and not the white man, they're doomed.
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zzyzzx says

People need to move the fuck out of cities, but not bring their bull shit, societal theories with them. They painted fucking circles on the grass??? Between the paint and the obscene wages that probably cost $1-2K and will have to be redone every week. WTF? The fact people are even complying is sickening. "Go sit in your little circle Timmy, or you'll die" Or go riot.
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Tim Aurora says
Never expected anything better than that from you.

You do understand what he's saying, right? There are places in this country where the BS that happened in Minneapolis would never happen. A singular event cannot be cast upon the entire population and country. There are normal places out there where a cop like this one would have been fired after a dozen plus complaints. We all get to suffer because the city of Minneapolis/SP had shit policy and procedures, along with a dem. theory of unions being good, all voted on by the people that are now pissed. Do you not see the hypocrisy? It's pure lunacy at this point.
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rdm says
Patrick says
No, TCS would not be OK and you know why

So too by the same standards TDS is not OK?

Patrick has said as much. So no, TDS would not be okay. He's also said things like libtard would be bad. We'll see how it plays out, but he's not picking a side with regards to what we call each other in some acronym. I like a lot of users on both sides here, but never understood the use of stuff/words/acronyms like that. I may have slipped up in the past myself, but it's generally something I avoid using. It adds little to the conversation.
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rdm says
My main problem with such acronyms is that they reduce complex issues to the simplistic and show a general laziness and or inability to respond to a question posed. They are in a way simply a FU or possibly a Foff by another name.

I tend to agree. When people use them, it's generally obvious who it's directed at and adds nothing to the conversation. I get a moment of frustration or something lost in conversation, but if it's being used constantly it's kind of annoying. Both sides do it, so it's not unique to any one user.

rdm says
He seemed more afraid of the the Police union then the Mayor.

Bingo. How many cops would be canned if light was shed on the inner working of the police force? I support cops, but at the same time hate their structure. Why should a union have so much power over elected officials? The public didn't elect the union and the public is now forced to negotiate against themselves regarding wages, all while the union protects actual fucking criminals. It's pure stupidity.
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SunnyvaleCA says
So, is 17 complaints in 20 years in a big city police force normal? How many people file complaints because they were mad that Chauvin caught them breaking the law? How many suspects, while running from Chauvin with the shoplifted goods still in their hands, complained of injury from being tackled to the ground?

We don't know. Unions are the protectors of these bad actors. They're not going to share the data. I think most good cops would rat out the bad one's, but the bad are protected. It's a flawed system. Not just with cops, but teachers, etc. Public sector unions are awful for the public.

I also get your point about frivolous complaints, but at some point when you rack enough up, there has to be some validity to them. Or there at least has to be some oversight and investigation into whether they're frivolous or not. The police unions will fight to the death to protect their own from ever being examined in that manner. These are policies that the left thought would be good for votes. Keep these people employed and they'll vote for you. They (cops) generally do vote left.

I know the system. I know multiple Chicago cops. I know the mayor and chief of police (who was considered for CPD chief job) in Aurora, IL (2nd largest city in IL) personally. The system is set up to get entrenched votes. If they told the truth the whole thing would backfire. So they deflect to racism. No normal person thinks racism is good. So blacks think the government is out to help them by pointing out the one bad cop is racist. All the while, the system is stabbing blacks in the back with the structure of police departments, which they essentially voted for in large cities. It's a self fulfilling prophecy if that makes sense.
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elliemae says
Most of the states on the list where the virus is spreading the fastest are Republican & conservative in their politics.

Who cares where it spreads? Deaths are all that matters. 50% plus of deaths nationwide are from left/democratic leaning states. If not outright blue. I'm not sure your point.
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jazz_music says
Not true now. Many states are now experiencing huge increases in the afflicted.

Where? Link? Many makes it sound like a lot.
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jazz_music says
Utah and a bunch of southern states like Georgia, Florida, Texas and more.

Georgia seems to be the one brought up a lot. Opened up too quickly. I don't know, seems like there's not an uptick. Cases are the worst metric to go off of as we test more. Deaths are going down consistently as we learn how to treat and/or the easiest to burn grass, burns first in this brush fire. There's no evidence of an uptick as of now. I won't go to the media either, I'll just look at the data from health departments.

Show me deaths rising in a state and I'd be kind of shocked. Once the data is reexamined, this whole thing is going to be shown for what it is. An overhyped load of shit, that pushed mostly dead people over the edge. Their quality of life was already horse shit, yet we're made to feel bad for them because they met the end 3 months early. That's COVID-19.

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Link to above graph so you can do your own verification and understand that the media is full of shit.
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Here's Florida.

Less and less people dying. Again, the only metric that matters.
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Utah is not as clear cut, but really no one is dying the state anyway. It's really not a big deal at all.

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jazz_music says
The several state histograms showed clearly horrible up trends in new cases.

New cases don't matter as we test more people. It's an awful metric and that's pretty obvious. This thing is under control. Lightening struck a dry prairie and burned out the dry land it could quickly. So I'm not sure if anyone objectively looks at the data can say there's an uptick in this virus being dangerous/deadly which is all that matters. We're also over counting deaths for shits and giggles for some reason as well.
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jazz_music says
I looked on YouTube but didn’t find them either but it was on June 4 Rachel Maddow MSNBC.

Reliance on media will get you bad information. I don't care what a gay talking head has to say, about a topic she knows nothing about. I've posted 3 sources, straight from the horses mouth showing opening up early is not deadly. Are these 3 states lying that stats are showing it leveling off and mostly showing deaths dropping out of the sky like a rock? Or is Rachel Maddow lying? You know the answer. It's why I asked for a link.
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jazz_music says
WookieMan says
Link to above graph
This is right under your graph

“ 14-day window – Confirmed cases over the last 14 days may not be accounted for due to illnesses yet to be reported or test results may still be pending.”

Yes. It's why I posted links. Most deaths have already been tested 7-10 days prior to death and results of said tests have been known. It's not a lagging indicator. New cases may take days to get results and then for those to be reported. The doctors generally know at death that you already died with COVID-19 if that makes sense. You were already a new case days if not weeks ago.
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jazz_music says
The news is new cases per day not deaths

I'm not disputing that. New cases per day don't matter if we're testing more. Of course there will be more cases. Is this not common sense?

Deaths are all that matter during a pandemic. We are consistently having less deaths, even in states that have opened up. Why the focus on new cases so much?
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Patrick says
No, that bad meme is also just completely wrong.

Yup. I don't like either picture of either POTUS in that meme. But having been conned myself by Obama, his photo looks substantially worse with hundreds/thousands of puppets following his lead. He was average at best and I've began to question his intelligence since he's been out of office. He wasn't the one running the show. No different than Cheney and Bush. Obama himself was a puppet. He simply wasn't a good POTUS.
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jazz_music says
That’s 3213 people saying that they regret voting for trump

Even if that was one county in a swing state, 3,200 people doesn't even move the fucking needle. What is the point of this post/comment? No one can regret voting for Hillary because she lost, so topics like this are kind of silly.
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WookieMan says
jazz_music says
The news is new cases per day not deaths

I'm not disputing that. New cases per day don't matter if we're testing more. Of course there will be more cases. Is this not common sense?

I'm trying not to get personal, but I reread this thread this morning and I'm still thoroughly confused. Can you tell me Jazz how new cases even matter if deaths are dropping, as we're testing exponentially more than the beginning of this? You use terms like horrific increases in cases. You cite Rachel Maddow as a source without a link. I then post 3 of the states you said it was horrific in, but they show things are substantially better or unchanged in the case of Utah. Why are you focusing on cases so much? It doesn't make sense at all.

I've literally laid out why no one here on either side of any debate should ever trust a media source. 3 different examples/links that are the total opposite of what you claim Jazz. Present something that shows new cases equate to more deaths. It's not happening. We're now going to hear about new hotspots 24/7, when the media knows full well it means dick if the people live. The narrative is a horse shit lie and it's obvious as the sun rising.

The Floyd thing will flare up this weekend so people can get some more free goods from business that have nothing to do with the "issue" and then go away as usual. People learn about an issue that basically doesn't exist outside of people (all races) resisting cops after committing a crime. I'm worried what the next "crisis" will be. Seems like they're coming in waves at this point.

The funny part is I know that most on the left are happy with their lives. They're doing well, at least were doing well. They just don't like one individual who has almost no influence on their lives. He's saved most on the left with taxes, many of which don't pay a dime anyway. Stopped sending your kids to shit holes for unnecessary wars. Whether successful or not, has put China on notice that we're not their little bitch. He's increased the debt. He speaks like a baboon at times. But at the end of the day, if your life was good in January, you know Trump didn't make it worse and that bothers soooooo many damn people. Get. The. Fuck. Over. It.
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elliemae says
WookieMan says
Who cares where it spreads?

Ah - good question, Grasshopper. As you can see in comment #1 (above), TPB shares his wildest hopes that the coronavirus is super deadly - especially to Democrats between the ages of 16 to 35.

Because I lean right doesn't mean I agree with 10# all the time. I don't want to see anyone die from this virus, left, right or center. Death is bad. Statistically speaking though, deaths are going down at a rapid pace, even in the early open states. New case testing results lag with real time for sure. Most death cases were already tested and known to have had the virus.

In another thread I think the Utah stats showed that maybe 30% died outside of a hospital setting there. You'd think Covid would be the first thing they test for upon admitting someone. So those test results are likely known upon death in the hospitalization cases. So it's not nearly as much of a lagging indicator as new cases.

Ultimately, if new cases jumped 100M overnight and deaths are going down, who cares? Pandemic are about people actually dying, not just getting the virus and living. It appears this virus attacked or attacks our weakest. Again, death is bad, but at some point you've lived a full life or made very poor health decisions. That's not reason to shut our country down.
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FuckTheMainstreamMedia says
Pretty sure I’m right on this one. The Democrats don’t really want to fix “racial injustice” whatever that means. No concern whatsoever in reforming corrupt police departments.

The solutions are there. I'm prepping to go camping and boating with the kids. I want to comment further on this topic but don't have the time. I'll try to remember when I get back. Not that anyone cares, I just feel strongly about how misguided people are and don't understand the farce that BLM and like kind orgs are. The hypocrisy and solutions sitting there in front of them, beating them over the head is stunning. Yet it always goes back to racism or slavery or some other straw man. And I hate using that fucking term as many know.

That said, I'm gonna go enjoy my fucking weekend in a state not filled full of a bunch of pussies and pound some Busch Light and maybe a few Spotted Cows.
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