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It's an Airbnb thing. They make it clear that these units can not be rented out on a permanent basis.
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Blue says
Removing CA Prop 13 entitlement benefits to foreigners will cost them more money to keep housing by paying current 1% tax

California can not do that w/o approval from Congress, I believe.
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Nancy*could* publicly call for Congressdweebs to 'vote according to their conscious, not party line' and justify it as a way to gain more possible GOP votes YEAH, when in fact it is to free the 34 or so Libtard Dem congresscritters representing districts Trump carried and will carry again in 2020 to vote (and being absent IS a vote against, with the math to pass articles of impeachment shows) to try to save their asses.

However, most of those 34 Libtard Dems will figure out that they are toast no matter what simply because those Trump voters in their districts will be out for blood because of the impeachment vote in and of itself, and said voters will express that rage at the ballot box next November at those they can target on their ballots. Nancy will figure this out, too.

So my bet at this time and thus subject to change is the Libtard Democrats will pull a bait-and-switch with a censure vote instead. Nevermind that Trump will take it to the Supreme Court the very next day that censure passes -- and has at least a 50-50 chance of SCOTUS agreeing with him -- because the Constitution is very exact on how the three branches are to interact with each other and Congress censuring one of the members of the other two branches is not allowed -- as a censure definitely has a shot of not only passing but some RINOs might even vote for it. This might piss off their base and some Libtard Dem Congressdweebs will get primaried out by radical AOC-wannabes as a result, but it is the less shitty option overall if you think about it.

Test to see if I am on to something: Monitor the media sometime between now and 'impeachment vote day' to see if the word 'censure' comes up. First, it will be as a trial balloon. Later it will cascade as certain Libtard Dems really start to panic.

Historical background: The Senate DID censure President Andrew Jackson. But its constitutionality was questioned at that time for the same reasons I mention above. When Jackson's party retook the Senate later, they repealed that censure based on that very constitutional justification and struck all references to it form the Congressional record. THIS is why Libtard Democrats really, really pushed for Clinton to be censured instead of impeached, btw. They knew as well it could be either challenged in SCOTUS or just repealed when they re-took the House in the future. Whereas an impeachment -- much like an indictment -- can not be repealed in practice because when it happens, it doesn't disappear from the Congressional record or history. Last, nobody gives a shit about a censure anyway. How many of you knew about Jackson being censured before reading this? Yeah....exactly.
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CovfefeButDeadly says
Omg someone disliked THIS thread?

Yes. @Patrick can find out. I suspect it will be the same account that down votes posts made by certain people as a matter of automation. A grease monkey JS script can do this with Patnet constantly opened in the browser tab it is running in. Or, they do it manually simply every time they log in and see new posts.
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jazz_music says
Fake news

What is fake news? Did SCOCAL declare this partisan bullshit passed by the Libtard Democrats to be unconstitutional or not?
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Booger says

Black Support for President Donald Trump HITS 34% in BOTH Emerson and Rasmussen Polls!

Waiting for jazz to reply "Fake News" in 5..4..3..2..
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Booger says

She one of Epstein's girls?
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jazz_music says
Ahh, moar divisiveness, more hate.

That’s the way to heaven on earth don’t you know?

Any conspiracies? I must have conspiracies or lose membership in the brotherhood of butt hurt white male victimhood

Stop trolling.
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And Jazzy wants to GIVE MORE POWER to the government that did all that.

Got it!
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Between 1973 and 1977, property taxes on single-family homes skyrocketed, increasing by 50-100 percent.

And that sums it all up. And why the NAACP is pushing to protect it. Minorities were hit hard pre-Proposition 13.
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Shaman says
It’s a telegraph of her real behind-the-scenes move where she quietly gives swing state Democrats the option to vote “present” on impeachment.

I am willing to bet that many of them will actually be physically elsewhere at the time of the vote.
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CovfefeButDeadly says
This is what I’ve been saying! But then you have government drones like my coworkers and Marcus who deny measured fact!

How is that even possible?!?!?

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Karloff says
It's come to the point where I believe people who have a negative financial balance with the system (meaning they receive more in government aid than they put in) should be ineligible to vote

That's how it was when the Republic was formed. In order to vote you either had to own property or a business with a certain net worth.

It was property/business owners who paid the taxes, see. The direct ones, that is.
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WookieMan says
I finally watched (mostly) that Biden video at the swimming pool. His campaign for the Democratic nomination is over. If he somehow wins the nomination, 2020 is already in the bag for Trump. And this had nothing to do with Ukraine, Hunter, Burisma, etc. The guy is a certifiable creep. Anyone that thinks his speech/talk at that pool was normal shouldn't be allowed to vote. Period.

But the nomination is conducted the same way that the bogus hearing are -- Dems are blind to all of this.

So, he could get the nomination...then get slammed by the GOP attack ads with this stuff during the general.
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jazz_music says

So Donald Trump isn't real then? Which means all your bitch posts were for nothing? The impeachment is for nothing?

Glad we got that all squared away.
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So now we know why the elevators are out of service.
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Canada can thank Pelosi for not passing USMCA for all of this.
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...yet they keep voting Democrat.
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ignoreme says
Raise taxes to cover deficits?

Cut spending to cover the deficits? Deficits are ALWAYS about spending...just like it is for household budgets.
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1) No mention is made of the actual tax rates. Notice that, eh?
2) And just how much 'personal freedom' does one have if they don't pay those high taxes, eh?
3) US federal government couldn't even roll out O-Care w/o fucking it up. And they run the VA almost like how the Nazis the death camps.
4) Finland isn't a large, high-population, heterogenous federal republic like the US is.
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Shaman says
Probably depends on the type of Asian. Chinese and Japanese tend to vote D. Other flavors like Vietnamese and Filipino mostly vote R.

Indians (who are Asians too...look at the map), tend to vote GOP as well.
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Across 17 metro areas analyzed, allowing 10% of single-family lots to house two units instead of one could yield almost 3.3 million additional housing units to the existing housing stock.

IF the original houses on those lots get torn down and the de facto duplexes are built in their place, yeah.

But not many will do that. So it is a disingenous stat.
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Please don't rush to judgement on this.

After all, we first need to hear the considered, sage opinions of people like Alyssa Milano and Robert De Niro first.

Don't we, @jazz_music?
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NoCoupForYou says
There will be US companies opening factories in the UK to take advantage of UK-EU rules

What UK-EU rules? There won't be any post-Brexit. The only Brexit that will happen will be pretty much a hard one.
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So 44 years working in the mail room gets you over $250k. Nice.
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Democrats spent like crazy during the Obama years. National debt doubled under Obama. It wasn't until after the GOP took both the House and Senate did the deficits start to drop over time.

But funny! Where were the posts on PatNet by Chrio screaming about that? (Other than blaming Bush for it)

Oh, if you do decide to blame Bush for the first two years under Obama, then that means Trump gets to blame Obama for what he inherited as well.

AND EVERYTHING that is fiscally a mess with ObamaCare can be considered 100% the Democrats fault. They passed that w/o a single GOP vote. Then they 'implemented it' under Obama. That puts it ALL on them. If the GOP later cut anything, that is also the fault of the Dems for creating a flawed system that allowed the GOP (with help from many Dems to boot) to do so. Like constantly delaying imposition of the Cadillac Plan tax on private health plans, for example. The Dems USED to be competent in not making such a thing politically possible with their programs, like with SS and Medicare. So this is not an unrealistic standard to hold them to.
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And now the Dems are violating norms by having totally partisan impeachment over a POTUS they simply could not accept got elected.

They haven't even bothered to pin their articles of impeachment on any actual crimes other than "waaaah...he pisses us off".

Obstruction of Justice by not cooperating with Congress just like Obama did with GOP House committees?

Abuse of power for not really doing what Biden did actually do as VP?

And where are the criminal statutes referenced for these 'crimes'? Clinton had a indictments against him and/or was forced to admit to it under oath...and then later on TV.

These hypocrisy Nothingburgerisms are perfect examples of the constitutional order breaking down.

Yo Libtards! Just wait when there's another Dem POTUS. Just wait.
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Shaman says
It’s more of an analysis than breaking news, but this is a fairly comprehensive analysis of the Democrats who are likely to vote against impeachment.

So 10-12 of them are pushing for "slim chance" censure...yet only 17 are needed to not vote for impeachment to defeat it.

Seems to me that the moderates have some major leverage actually. First to threaten to embarrass the leadership with a defeat on impeachment, then to use that leverage to get the censure.

But we shall see. Perhaps Nancy wants them to do the above. Gets her off the hook from the TDS whacko members.
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HeadSet says
In a brokered convention

Oh yeah. The chances are high that is where the Dems are headed right now. Of course, lots can change between now and then but if Biden is truly a placeholder for Shrillary, that means it will come out in the convention floor, I bet.
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Onvacation says
fake news

It's a parody site. So who said this was real to begin with?
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Booger says
I'm having trouble believing that this story is satire.

Not just this one story...but I have this problem with more and more of them. It's a recurring pattern.
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