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Trump answers legalization of marijuana question at Reno, NV rally on 10/29/15. His answer he addresses medical marijuana and legalization of RECREATIONAL marijuana. Stupid, uninformed comments are allowed.

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I've been thinking about the anti-gun rhetoric these days
and I think I finally understand why I'm so upset by it...
My conclusion is that humanity has its priorities all messed up.

How often do you think about heart disease?
Do you know what a malignant neoplasm is?
What do you know about lower respiratory disease, accidental death, or cerebrovascular disease?

These are the top 5 killers in our country, 61.6% of deaths, and there is no outrage, no movement. 1.6M dead in 2015. Our reaction is madness.

Gun violence happens and its sad
The news will share it and the world will cry together
"we must do something!" we say...
But behind the scenes, a sinister force is at work
to distract you from our real problems
and we buy it hook, line, and sinker

And when a nutjob with an immense history
providing specific public warning of his terrible plans
Takes a semi-automatic weapon and follows through on his threats, the news takes it viral, with a revolting level of propaganda, and the crowd cheers for change. But the change is at the expense of honest people being able to defend themselves from tyranny. The evil will not yield their weapons, and history has shown that weapon bans don't work.

I don't ask you to give up your anti-gun thoughts.
I ask you to give them the respect that 1.34% of deaths deserve. 0.55% if you don't include suicide.

Please share this if you agree, it took a bit of time to look up the data, which you can find here:

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It totally destroys the Liberal narrative that guns=major death, and need a total ban.

It landed with a hard, flat, thud on Facebook, Linkedin. and Twitter.

The next day every single liberal stopped posting their ridiculous rhetoric to my page.

And I get a bit of silent respect at work from unexpected sources

People start to realize maybe this really isn't the battle they should be fighting
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I don't agree with Trump on that one, anon.

Next step down that path is a psycho teacher who goes all Anakin on his students
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GridCoin / GRC


Todays Price: 0.00000598 BTC after 20% increase 4/14/18

BTC is $8129 today

You should totally re-fi your house. Lets talk in a year
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Fuck this. Freedom of speech is the FIRST amendment. This shit HAS TO STOP.
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damn dude its gotta be vertical, clean and most importantly printable. That was useless ... You're welcome

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It ended in one of the most furious double headed dildo sessions congress has ever witnessed

Pelosi 'Won'
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This tiny home bullshit is insane. Buy a fucking travel trailer already.
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Actually, the GOP Party Mangement is fooling itself...

Most Republicans want to bring spending under control

We want to make more than we spend. Its basically the definition of 'winning'

Trumps spending is his biggest weakness in the coming election

Many Republican voters would vote for a Democrat who promised to spend less than was taken in

But with lies from both sides, and Democrats advocating using a stolen checkbook constantly,

Nobody is likely to be trusted on this issue.
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I'm an engineer, and in my opinion...

Its all a lie

Being an engineer means everyone brings you the hardest problems

You bust your brain AND your ass and you don't make shit

You are taken advantage of at every angle, yet you are basically the sole producer

Your skills are not respected and you are not understood

Because you want organization, methods, and processes that are well defined, you are disliked
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Does "the surgery" even result in periods? That seems far to accurate for genital mutilation. Is this just a photoshop? Bleeding from genital mutilation? I honestly don't believe it
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As long as I can afford it, I will pay 17k / yr to make sure my children will not be taught that gender is fluid.
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How is this an acceptable line of thinking?
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This video shows nothing... WTF does this prove?
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I'm voting early, not late.
Change my mind
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Hey, YOU

How do you propose that the middle / lower classes extract wealth from the 'elites'...

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They cant survive without assistance...

So the logical conclusion is that to prevent their suffering,

both mother and child should be put in a cage and thrown in the river.

Change my mind.
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If you are ACTUALLY sick of the bullshit that CA is doing, come to NV. Otherwise fuck. the. fuck. off. Go to Austin or some other BS place where you can toe the line with your bullshit. But if you're gonna vote against this shit, We begrudgingly welcome you.
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just_dregalicious says
ThatGuy says
If you are ACTUALLY sick of the bullshit that CA is doing, come to NV.

Too close and will be corrupted too much too soon! I'm going to have to leap frog when I leave.

My plan is to wait until NV prices match CA prices and bail, cash out on the funny money
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richwicks says
really what do you want out of a computer today?

I expect a lot out of my computer, programming, 3D CAD, Gaming, etc. The shit they are selling isn't cutting it
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just_dregalicious says
Pretty much hit the wall with silicon.

That might be it. Just an expectation that some magic shit would show up
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Patrick says
I'm very happy I closed my github account.

What are you using for version control?
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I started on this site because I wanted to buy a house mid 2008. Your practical advise convinced me to buy in 2011, and my 133k purchase is worth over 350k now.

Almost all of my net worth was driven from what I read here. I'm not rich, but I'm paying my house off this year, aiming for debt free next year.

There are bigger markets out there, but a real estate / financial focus is what brought me here and kept me here

I miss iwog
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just_adhom_preaching says
Except lots of it was bullshit. Nobody genocided the indians for example. I could go on but I'm bored.

Genocide maybe not completely intentional, but European disease definitely did a number on the natives and was pivotal to the west taking over.

"Within just a few generations, the continents of the Americas were virtually emptied of their native inhabitants – some academics estimate that approximately 20 million people may have died in the years following the European invasion – up to 95% of the population of the Americas.

No medieval force, no matter how bloodthirsty, could have achieved such enormous levels of genocide. Instead, Europeans were aided by a deadly secret weapon they weren't even aware they were carrying: Smallpox.",by%20an%20infected%20African%20slave.
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hooooooooooooly shit did that guy call it
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Booger says
It just seems wrong not to have "fuck" somewhere in the tag line.

"Fuck your feelings." might work
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I might shoot first and ask questions later in this case. She scares the fuck outta me. Gotta wonder who puts a couch in front of a door though
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I'm with the lady on the right
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Hey Patrick, I know you are an awesome coder, can you write a form & system that takes this list and automates the sending of emails / submissions to each of these companies?

I could do rudimentary version for a fee, would rather not, but people need to be able to sign up for a cause and have that cause fuck their shit up royally.

If you could connect this shit to a debit/credit card; purchase is attempted:

That would hit them right in the balls, and tell them why
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