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zzyzzx says
krc says
Note: You really have to like rain to live up there.

Is it any different from east coast rain?

In the Seattle area, one can have a mix of overcast and rain (which never ends) for much of a season.

At least in eastern MA, at most, we get two weeks of rain (basically, a near flood month) before the sun breaks out again. In general,however, it seldom rains continually for more than 3 days at a time. And dry overcast days aren't contiguous.

Even in the dead of winter in Jan/Feb, there have been numerous days where it's both bright and sunny but with frigid temperatures in the 20s. Thus, stay in a warm & cozy room with the shades up and even those long winter months don't feel like ones in the Pacific-NW with constant overcast.

All and all, lack of sun is depressing & I wouldn't want to live in an area where it's not present for much of a winter season.
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Rin says

Even in the dead of winter in Jan/Feb, there have been numerous days where it's both bright and sunny but with frigid temperatures in the 20s.

Yes, wear sunglasses otherwise you could get snow-blinded by walking outdoors, esp if it's after a snow storm.
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Patrick says
I forgot about that, but yes, I remember that it can be brutally bright in the winter when there is sunshine on new snow.

I wouldn't trade it for Seattle's all-winter gray. The fact that there's sun in the coldest months, makes MA a livable area.
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Let me archive the entire GIF Stacker ...

Now, it's all in one ensemble!
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Patrick says

I personally like drizzle and clouds. Maybe I'm a mutant, but it makes me happy to see it rain.

I get plenty of that at home, as well. But it's not a perma-state, it's more a transitory thing. And yes, I like the rain esp when it balances out too many dry days.

I recall a friend visiting from down south, during a rainy day, believing that it was usually rainy around eastern MA.

I told him, "Look, you arrived a day late and if you hung around for another 48 to 50 hours, it'll be sunny again"
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Patrick says
John Kerry Financial Disclosures Show Millions in Income From Stocks, Including Oil Companies

HunterTits says
Kerry told a reporter that flying in a private plane, which emits up to 40 times more carbon per person than flying commercial, to Iceland in order to receive an award for his work on climate change was "the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle."

Look, here's the thing I don't understand about Kerry, he's a direct descendant of the founder of Boston MA, John Winthrop, who also happened to be the 2nd governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony during British times. That's about as aristocratic as an American can get, since being the lost child of a Romanov or a Hapsburg doesn't mean much outside of Eurotrash douchebags at some castle shindig.

In contrast, Biden is a rust belt child of Scranton PA and thus, needed to get into politics to make back office deals to enrich his family.

So why is it that Kerry's got no SUPER SOVEREIGN FUND where he gets 100s of millions of dollars on dividends and royalties for doing nothing, starting from the age of 18? He's like some noveau riche dumbfuck whose main source of funding was raiding his wife's coffers. I guess he's the product of inbred imbeciles.
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Patrick says

Must be on his mother's side. His dad was originally a Cohen and changed the name to Kerry because the Irish are far more popular politically.

Regardless, he's still a moron!
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It looks like many of us will have to get adult stem cell treatment for lung damage in the years ahead.

Now, since I'm behind a VPN & do not have a license in medicine (which I could lose immediately upon discovery), this therapy is available right now.

There is no clinic for this in the USA, unless that practitioner wants to face jail time.

One country where it's available is Thailand. What the clinician does is extract a sample of your fatty tissue, usually, from the abdomen.

Then, the adult stem cells are separated from the adipose (fatty) tissues, isolated, activated, and purified. Then, using an IV drip these cells are refused into the body and guess which tissue has the highest uptake? ... the Lungs!

Yes, over time, the lungs have the most damage of any organ given all the stresses of modern pollutants, etc.

I've discovered this some 15 years ago and plan on taking advantage of this in the years ahead. And I suspect that variants of Covid and their so-called vaccine programs, will make it more imperative that we take care of our lungs on our own.

Fuck the AMA, the CDC, the NIH, the WHO (not to be confused with the rock band led by Pete Townsend & Roger Daltrey)!
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For years, on this forum, I've been saying that SF was Philly by the Bay.

This is in stark contrast with Boston, which was originally dubbed SF's sister east coast city. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Ceffer says
Strange. I never heard SF compared to Boston.

I have ... my whole youth until I visited and said, wait a minute?! I'm in Philly! Why fly six hours for a six hour drive down i-95?!
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mostly reader says
To me, Boston looks like what SF aspires to be but never can, so it goes the "blue hair" route to compensate.

Here's the thing ... when I was a kid, Boston wasn't all that great, not in terms of the 'Greater Boston/Eastern MA' area (which was always solid), but the city scape itself.

Sections like Charlestown & South Boston were known for 'white trash' Irish gangs, where outsiders were routinely harassed and driven out of certain locales.

Maverick Sq, in East Boston (circa the airport) had bums everywhere and wasn't safe. Today's it's a gorgeous up and coming neighborhood with residences, restaurants, etc.

The quaint neighborhood next to Dorchester, Savin Hill, had a moniker ... "Stabbing (or Savage) Hill". Well, that's completely changed within my short lifespan & there hasn't been a stabbing there in ages.

While the core 'hoods of Roxbury, Mattapan, & Dorchester still have their urban blight issues, all the other areas have dramatically improved and make SF look like a Philly-on-high in contrast.

So, when I was a kid, SF was suppose to be Boston's future version, a cosmopolitan city with university influences like UC/Berkeley & SF, Stanford, nature-loving ppl, technology, etc.

Instead, SF waned while Boston improved and basically, restricted its urban dystopia down to 3 neighborhoods in the middle. And judging by some of the ppl I'd known who'd risked moving there, even those places aren't as bad, as a few decades ago, where I wouldn't go there w/o a military attache.
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In addition, Boston's built an entire 2nd financial/business district (equal in size to the original) in an area which was full of abandoned warehouses called the 'Seaport' district.
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Onvacation says
Do you really think Dr. in front of a name gives a person legitimacy?

MD is a masters in biosciences, roughly 16 courses after basic undergrad biology (with a lot of overlap) plus clinical rotations in the basic areas of medicine. That fact that ppl believe that that makes 'em a genius really tells me how bad our science education is.

joshuatrio says
The most "honest" MD/medical people I've come to trust are those who have overcome serious medical conditions (because big pharma failed them), and they got off all meds and adopted a different lifestyle.

I used to struggle with inflammation and neck pain. Docs wanted me all drugged up. I went on an anti-inflammatory diet and water fast every 6 weeks and no longer have issues.

Well, there is an injectable Quercetin so MD practitioners can have it both ways ... use a syringe but have it loaded with something natural which is anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-tumor.
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In many situations, I'd first look at the richer guy's perspective than his tag along wife, who rode the billionaire cap gains ride for two decades.

But since this is William Gates III, someone whom I have zero respect for, I'll take the opposite tack and hope that Melinda takes him to the cleaners as he's a person who's nothing to write home about.
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WookieMan says
Jesus Christ. I've never sought out what she looked like. That is a man.

Ok, but Bill's a eunuch so it's basically a gay guy (Mel) and one without a phallus in a relationship.
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Patrick says
Quercetin is a naturally-derived polyphenol supple- ment that appears to serve as a zinc ionophore.

And is also anti-inflammatory, which is a huge boon esp in the case of a lung infection where keeping the alveoli healthy & functional is paramount for healing.

Plus, there is an injectable form whose formulation is in the public domain so that it can be used at walk-in clinics and emergency rooms.
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komputodo says
hope do the rest of us have?

The rest of us should stay single and bang Sex Robots.
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What I don't get is why these insipid articles keep arguing 'more vaccines' to prevent variants when the fact of the matter is that variants occur because ppl's immune responses are reacting to an older configuration of the spiked protein than a more recent one.

Isn't this what's called a suboptimal immune response as the vaccine overproduces the wrong antigen and thus, stoichiometrically limits the generation of a more broad spectrum response, real-time?
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WineHorror1 says
What is your vocation?

My academic background was a BS in Applied Chemistry/Chemical Engineering w/ research on membrane transport.

I started out in biotech but then transitioned into IT and then, finished my career in a hedge fund w/ friends.

My response was in line w/ former Pfizer researcher, Dr Yeadon, who's an immunologist.
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qroproton says
Pathogen Killing:
Hydrogen Peroxide
Vitamin C
Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation
Natural Adjunctive Agents
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
Vitamin D
Magnesium chloride

Prescription Agents and Interventions:
Chloroquine (CQ) and
Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)
Antibody-Based Immunotherapy
Convalescent plasma
Monoclonal Antibodies

And in place of an 'All Hands on Decks' Dream Team of triage experts (the best of best in the globe for emergency medicine & clinical delivery) ... we got Deborah Birx, Anthony Fauci, and William Gates III, the USA's leading obstructionists and bureaucrats.
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theoakman says
Rin, nobody in the general public understands what a spectrum even is. Those morons at the CDC don't even understand what it is. It was about a month ago, our CDC director was on TV crying that she had a sense of impending doom.

Oakman, I have a BACHELORS, not even a Masters in Applied Chemistry & I understand it.

I haven't been in a chemistry lab in over 15 years but I still recall the basics of my undergrad work and thus, can figure out half the lies in the the Covid propaganda machine.

I made my money, buying and selling currencies/futures and thus, have no respect for those, who'd stayed in the sciences, just to lie to the public. Those ppl are hypocrites and didn't have the balls to pursue careers in finance or management consulting, since money and power was their true motivation.

"Do No Harm" What horseshit! That sounds like Google's "Do No Evil"
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Onvacation says
Ceffer says
Does this mean Rin's Montreal hookers will only do extreme bondage now?

Escorts are still ok, as long as you wear your mask, use Wuhan safe positions, and don't try to talk politics with them.

For Americans, it means boinking in the vestibule in the borderline buildings ...

If you stay on the line, you don't need to get your passport checked for breaking the no-travel rule in place.
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Rin says
If you stay on the line, you don't need to get your passport checked for breaking the no-travel rule in place.

FYI, that's also how I was able to get to visit North Korea for a few mins ...

though I didn't bang any chicks there (I mean all those men w/ machine guns isn't my cup of tea). All my boinks in Korea was in Seoul.
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Patrick says
Traditional Marxist class war, widely recognized as an abominable failure, even by the intellectual class, has morphed into race war at the hands of clever activist progressive socialists.

Here's the thing, the neo-Marxists are calling out things which have always been in place.

Today, there's this notion that Asian-Americans are being targeted for racism, however, Vince Chin was murdered during the 80s by 2 ex-auto workers who blamed him, a Chinese-American, for Japan Inc's eating of America's heartland's auto jobs.

And yes, there was a mass shooting of Cambodian-American children in CA by an ex-military PTSD type during the same time period (perhaps re-living his days in the jungle).

And I don't even need to remind everyone that KoreanTown in LA was attacked during the Rodney King verdict which had absolutely nothing to do with African-Americans getting retribution against the LAPD for being eternally corrupt (see Jack Nicholson's "Chinatown" for a movie depiction).

With the above stated, what's changed? It's that today, unlike the 70s, 80s, and 90s, there are camcorder phones in just about every person's hand and thus, allow the incidents to go viral w/o much delay.
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richwicks says
6 miles seems excessive at 8, but at 10, yeah, sure.

I don't know about you but I had a bicycle, and thus, 6 miles wasn't a challenge.

And then, even as a kid, circa ages 12 to 16, I went into downtown Boston & Cambridge, using the train & bus from our North Shore hamlet.

If kids can't pull that off today, then I'm happy that I don't have any. The last thing I'd want are a bunch of video gamers living in my basement till social security age.
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richwicks says
At what age?

13 to 17 was my high school age.
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KgK one says
Buddha once went to a serial robber/killer, n asked him why is he doing this , he said for wife n kids. Then he asked, if he gets caught, will his wife join in punishment.

Robber quickly realized that sin only hurts him. Wife will leave him once he gets caught. He stopped robbing n looting.

Did you ever read the actual story about Henry Hill, the real life account of Ray Loitta's character in 'Goodfellas'?

His wife stayed with him until it was obvious, to the NYC mobsters, where he was hiding and under what alias he was using in the witness protection program. And the reason why his cover was blown was because he was into horse trading (yeah, real inconspicuous) and drug dealing in his new residences. So she only took off, in self-defense for herself and the kids, in case "Robert DeNiro" & his wiseguys showed up at the house on the 11th hour.

In addition, Hill picked up a 2nd wife, under an assumed name, near the Seattle area so he was quite the two timer.

Case in point ... a true sociopath can always keep a woman via deception and manipulation. The Buddha was assuming that the criminal was just an another gone rogue guy, who only made a few bad decisions in life.
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Patrick says
I'd also be hiring young Chinese sluts to control Bill.

It's far cheaper than a nuclear program, or even a hacking program.

Pussy power!

Which is also dumb because Gates could pay top dollar for the best Gaijian soapload/brothels in Japan & not have to go the way of a Hunter Biden.

Heck, even in North America, I'd have Aleeva & Co up in Montreal, on a 7x24 vigil, for whenever I'm around. In other words, every 8 hours, Aleeva will rotate one of her gals who'll be available at my beck & call at any hotel in town.
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MisdemeanorRebellionNoCoupForYou says
His other girlfriend is like the poster child for an 80s Yuppie Tennis Player type.

Bill Gates couldn't even get Dave Grohl if he wanted! How's he suppose to get a real woman?
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Onvacation says
"Behind every great man is a woman".

Except for Rin. He follows a different law.

That's Rin Wah Law!


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zzyzzx says
Drive a beater. If that doesn't bother her, she's a keeper.

That was my problem when I did the Rent-A-Friend in Boston.

Once a woman saw that I had a driver (via the hedge fund, all liveries are expense-able), it was over. She wanted a 'relationship'.
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It's even more pathetic that that.

I know a white woman whose dad was the son of a British descended Texan oil millionaire. Ok, she never had a single money issue her whole life.

Her mom, however, was a fair skinned Latina and upon marrying her dad, after he sold off his equity in Big Oil, retired to Mexico, keeping his family's house in Dallas, and another place in Massachusetts.

Well, she won minority scholarships to both Harvard and Columbia and believe it or not, was asked to leave the Big H with a terminal masters because her work was completely substandard for her dept/program. Yes, she flunked out but to save face, HU gave her a masters.

Seriously, aren't there enough ppl out there, who'd kill to get a chance at any one of HU's grad programs?
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Ceffer says
Her parents visited, met with the dean of a private professional school, and next day she was miraculously accepted into a program (money sliding across the table?). She didn't measure up, but finally completed a much lesser professional program.

Ok, but she's South Asian and thus, needed to bribe admissions because her family never got a Mailboxes etc address in Mexico City, which would have made her Hispanic by location alone. This is no different than Jared Kushner's admissions to Harvard, since he's an idiot w/ billionaire parents.

FYI, I know of Jose Changs and Carlos Fung, who've played the Hispanic card to avoid the Asian-American label. In other words, their parents spent time in South America before Uncle Sam.
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Shaman says
1)Changing his name to something Latin sounding, preferably with a “z” at the end.
2)growing a mustache
3)Dying his skin a nice light brown.

A Mailboxes etc will do.

The other stuff is unnecessary as it's just an attempt at overstating the obvious and that's that there's no distinction between a pure-bred white person of Argentina, whose parents came from Germany/Austria vs a Mestizo.

So yes, Herr Carlos Gunter is an oppressed white Hispanic minority.
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Ceffer says
Benjamin Spock

I remember confusing him for Leonard Nimoy when I was a child.

It was like, "What! Spock's a real person, teaching psychology?"
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Patrick says
Before he lost it all—all $20 billion—Bill Hwang was the greatest trader you’d never heard of.

No, Bill's not a 'great' trader.

The greatest trader, believe it or not, was a junior partner of my hedge firm, prior to him cashing out and moving onto the big show in the City of London.

For the sake of simplicity, let's say him Alex.

Alex was a young graduate of the London School of Economics & got a handle of now control systems could predict zones of entry/exit and congestion. Alex, a control engineering friend, and I put together a system which could make these calculations real-time using concepts in applied chemistry.

Alex, however, didn't always depend on the 'quant' solution. He always kept 4-5 numbers in his head and knew exactly what his risk profile was, for each and every trade.

So yeah, he could have risked more, perhaps gotten a hit ratio of some 75% but instead, took a 60% hit ratio just to show how he could control those 40% losers to have less than half the loss of any winning position.

Guess what? Our strategy worked. The senior partners were floored at the risk management side of our portfolio and our firm was born.

A few years later, Alex cashed out on the tune of some $15-20M USD, and then, worked for a bigger firm in London, earning in the 100s of millions, retiring with a mansion in Kensington/next to Westminster (London's happening area), one in the English countryside, and a third in the Caribbean.

He still does a bit on the side today, as a hobby, but for the most part, he's into sports, traveling, and all that jazz.

In contrast, Bill's a gambler.
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Also don't forget, the Chinese, Korean, and Japanese diasporas hate the fact that the Indian subcontinent is lumped in with Asian-American since those are seen as "Sudanese" types and not Asians (Hint: darkkies).

Eric Holder says
How come the same people don't see the inadequacy of the term "White" in the same exact way?

That's ok because today, the British are not the ascended group of whites in the US; it's been expanded to include the Poles, Hungarians, Armenians, Greeks, etc.
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Eric Holder says
.... so they can all be lumped together and hated as a group "responsible for slavery and racism"?

Hey, Britain ended slavery in 1807 (& was completely official by 1833), long before Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation.

If anything, Britain paved the way for the Congress of Vienna to declare its opposition to slavery in 1815, unlike the Arabs who're doing that stuff clandestinely, even today.

If liberals want to blame the whites, blame the 'white' Arabs!
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MisdemeanorRebellionNoCoupForYou says
I totally would not date any woman

Given the current state of the nation, I wouldn't date anyone, period!
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farmer2021 says
Mentally retarded CCP slave American

There's also the man of the Law ... Rin Wah Law!
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