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marcus says
You could never tolerate someone that wants to bring a strong middle together behind a leader that is good for most of us.

I like Tulsi. Who's your candidate?
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marcus says
I hate Trump and what he stands for every bit as much as you hate the SJWs and the wierdos.

We (I) don't hate the pathetic SJW's and weirdos. AS long as they are not instigating riots or hitting people with bike locks I have compassion for their idiosyncrasies.
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marcus says
some leader that more than half the country despises with all their heart and soul.

I suspect the TDS rate is under 40%.
Who would you vote for? The commie or the groper?
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WillPowers says
Who was he debating and do you mean the film director, Michael Mann?

Malcolm says
Yes, there are notable and very interesting debates on Youtube between the major players like Patrick Moore, Judith Curry and Dr Mann. For those who don't know, Michael Mann recently lost a lawsuit he initiated because he will not share data in his defamation suits, which would prove the climategate allegations of scientific fraud.

To clarify, Michael Moore is a film director, Dr Michael Mann is the famous "hockey stick" scientist who correlated tree rings with CO2 levels and temperature. He is the subject of the "trick to hide the decline" email which referred to substituting actual temperatures at a convenient point to hide the projected temperature decline indicated by the tree rings.

Thanks Malcolm.

Can anyone name the top climate scientist that believes man made co2 will cause catastrophic climate change?
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theoakman says
I am a firm believer in climate change

So who's the scientist who you rely on to back up your belief? Not expecting a cogent answer.
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I find this extremely disturbing. The government is over reaching its authority in trying to stop this flu. Unless they know something about this flu beyond what we all know, they are overreacting to the extreme.

I'm on vacation today. I went to the YMCA this morning. Traffic was light and parking was easy. I get to the door to discover they are closed until "they can figure out how to serve the public during this health emergency".

I stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home to grab a sandwich and some snacks only to find a short line at the door. They were only letting a few in at a time. I got my sandwich, a couple burritos, pre-made salads, and enough lunch food to last a week, just in case. The store had plenty of fresh food, bread, vegetables, milk and eggs. They were completely out of sugar, pasta, sauce, and all paper products.

I get home check my email and sure enough, I am "working from home" for the next month.

Next thing I hear (here) is I'm on lock-down. Fuck them. I am taking the dog for a walk around the police station down the street and see if they want to arrest me.

If people were bleeding from their eyes and turning into flesh eating zombies I'd be worried, and put myself on lock-down. I don't see much risk in taking my dog to poop on city halls lawn.

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It's the catastrophe you don't see coming that will be the most catastrophic.
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Onvacation says
What do you suppose will happen when there is no more bitcoin to be mined?

What is the incentive for miners to maintain the blockchain when all of the bitcoin is mined?
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Rin says
I'm putting it up on eBay.

For Sale
Slightly used RealDoll. Cheap model no AI, no backtalk. Still virgin. slight wear between boobs.
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Shaman says
This is a Methuselah killer.

Thus government over-reaction. (caveat: they know something we don't)
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What was the first thing people picked up during the panic shopping?

Cases of Corona.
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Misc says
There is going to be a complete shit storm of coverage on every channel 24/7 of sick people and the lack of care they are getting just to keep people scared.

I've searched for videos of patients suffering from corona and all I get is hangover videos.

Can anyone find a video of someone with corona?
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marcus says
1) the rate that it's growing - people generally seem to have a hard time comprehending exponential growth of this kind.

hockey stick, we get it.
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marcus says
If someone gives you one penny today, 2 pennies tomorrow, 4 pennies the following day and so on, how much money have you received have after 31 days ?

Do you think it's more than 50,000 dollars ?

53,687.091.20 or 5,368,709,120 pennies. What does that have to do with the kung flu? Are you trying to say the whole world will get the flu?

you're probably right.
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HeadSet says
Tulsi endorsed Biden? I take back all that I said in post 1.

Partially True. She more or less said he was the front runner, she was a democrat, Trump is not good, so...

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Ceffer says
I just noted that Patrick has an 'ignore'. is he the one who stole one of my 'ignore's?

I suspect Patrick ignores himself from an alt in order to test if ignore works.

Ignore really does work and a button is not required.
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marcus says
President as a total embarrassment in part becasue of his infantile behavior.

marcus says
"shithole countries ?"

I would not have used that word, but they are what they are.

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marcus says
realize it, becasue

So, you think the virus that started in China is beCAUSE of Trump? Just because!
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marcus says

Most major virus' don't have a countries name and it's not known where they came from.

This one does, "The Wuhan Coronavirus" from Chinese eating bats or making biological weapons.

Why do you protect a communist nation?
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marcus says
None of those will be used by morons to associate it with an ethnicity.

Morons aren't very smart.
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marcus says
becasue you assume everyone lies at the drop of a hat like you.

And some people learn from their mistakes. Others just choose ignorance. Just because.
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"The right response to bogus accusations of racism is to punch the accuser in the nose"

Or just call them a pedophile. Unless they are.
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marcus says

Did you do this TDS comic yourself?
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Fortwaynemobile says
marcus says

So he got what he wanted, closed border. Now spell winning

And Mexico is paying for it!
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rd6B says
Patrick says
Trump got elected because of his good policies

more precise would be to say that he was elected because he PROMISED to implement good policies...relatively few have actually been implemented.

Trump got elected because Hillary. Just because!
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Tenpoundbass says
When Trump wins again in November

Talk of the virus will disappear as fast as Russian collusion disappeared when the "whistleblower " came out. Whatever happened to the whistleblower?

Do you really think Epstein hung himself?
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In other non virus news, the north pole ice pack ended up the tenth lowest in recorded history (since 1979). Only 9 years have had less ice than the 2020 maximum.

Its probably because of all the people that stopped driving because of the Chinese Communist party Wuhan virus.
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Expat01 says
TDS is very true,

Do you think there is a cure for TDS? It seems so irrational.
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marcus says
So stupid. "Why ?" ... becasue I've been busy
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Tenpoundbass says
if you are having trouble breathing on your own, then that's some Bad Luck

That should help raise the anemic death rate of this horrible cold.
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marcus says

Had we picked Hillary we could be in WW3 right now.

Who's your candidate for 2020. Are you going with Joe? It's amazing how his dementia has made us forget about his corruption.
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marcus says
I know about you and literacy, but that's why I post pictures for you, and spell out the message so that any 9 year old should be able to totally get it.

Just Because!
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More Mussolini than Hitler esque
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Ceffer says
I heard that all 12 of them have died gruesome deaths from Covid-19, screaming in pain before exploding and shooting pus everywhere. This is what happens when you deny the pandemic.

PINK pus!
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Onvacation says
PINK pus!

It's the details that make the horror more alarming.
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Is that Kellyanne Conway?
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The coming solar minimum cooling will be attributed to Covid19.
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marcus says
Or perhaps he got word from his bosses that a democrat is taking over in 21


Who you votin' for?
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marcus says

What ever happened to the Biden corruption and Epstein murder cases?
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From the article
The number of Americans who had filed for their first week of unemployment benefits stood at 281,000 in the week before. That was a 33% increase over the preceding week and the highest percentage jump seen since 1992.

Goldman Sachs’ estimates were based on the spike in layoffs across various businesses such as hotels, restaurants, airlines and sports.
This is bad news for the U.S. housing market as rising unemployment will put off buyers even if mortgage rates remain low. This could eventually lead to lower sales and force sellers to reduce prices, triggering the next U.S. housing market crisis.

Is it that nobody is buying? Or nobody is selling?

They tell everyone to stay home, so no one can buy or sell.
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