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Booger says
My house is like 800 sq ft.

Maybe we are not using the same measures. A typical single wide trailer home is bigger than 800 sqft of conditioned living space.
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WookieMan says
I also look a ton at the value of my time and what it gets me. I sleep, shower and eat almost 80-90% of the time at home. Hell, we're normal traveling about 2 months of the year. Not everyone is like me, but it's a good exercise to run some numbers on the time you're at home and what you do. Spending large sums of money on a house is probably one of the dumbest uses of money ever.

You logic is unassailable, and is likely good advice for many people. I had built a large home for my residence in 2014, for the following reasons:

In 2014, I thought Hilary Clinton would be the next president and we would have a high rate of inflation.
I did not see houses getting more affordable in real terms, so I thought the trend would be for multi-generational living.
Since I did not plan this house as my final home, I wanted a home I could sell in the future to such a multi-gen buyer, This house has a master suite on the second floor for the "owner," (along with 1 other bedroom with en-suite full bath, plus 2 other bedrooms that share a full bath), a master suite on the main floor for the "parent(s)," plus a finished area in the basement with full bath suitable for a boomerang kid. Theater room, game room, and wet bar down there, too. 3 car garage for parking.

I have been a life long saver and had the cash to buy this home outright. I do not do well in the stock market, and I did not want to own another rental property. CD rates were, and still are ridiculously low. Therefore, I "invested" most of my cash in this house. It seems I was wrong about the multi-gen trend, but have lucked out in that this part of Virginia (Williamsburg) is appealing to people fleeing NY, CT and DC area and it is a serious sellers market for now. Real Estate taxes are low here, I pay less than $5k annually. Also, surprisingly low utility bills despite dual zone heat/cool and dual 200 amp panels, as the house was built to high efficiency standards and natural gas is cheap. I am also not one who keeps his house meat locker cold during the summer.

My next house will be much smaller, located on waterfront or mountain scenic, and will be geothermal and solar equipped. I plan to retire soon, and like Wookieman, will do a spot of traveling.
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Having is dad has got to be on that list.

Unfortunately, Whites are going down the fatherless trail as well. Maybe "Having a Dad" would be "East Asian Supremacy."
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Not sure what the original, undoctored videos had written on the bottle. But I have noticed a trend in commercials to show interracial romance. Almost as if they are promoting the idea that if you are White, you should work toward breeding with another race.
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Rb6d says
WookieMan says
How do gas lines freeze up though?

Redneck oil field friends of mine say that they have "water plugs" in gas pipelines, which froze and stopped gas flow.

Sounds like they need to stop pissing in the manifolds...
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Women are remarkably ignorant about the end of their own fertility

And judging by the number of unwanted pregnancies, not too smart on the start of their fertility either.
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They confidently believe they can wait until after 30 to get married .. and up to 40 to get pregnant.

Yes, and the rich ones think they can freeze their eggs.
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This is Pornography. Pornography should be banned.

You cannot be married or call yourself a Christian and normalize Pornography ..

Matthew 5:28: "But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart."

I presume you are joking, or trolling. In another post, you bragged about all the sex you used to get, and then complained that for some unknown reason "society" changed and that pussy parade suddenly stopped being available. Only ugly women would now hit on you.
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Tenpoundbass says
Soda companies specially formulate plastics for Sodas and other bottled drinks, to be as stable as possible as to not leach crap into the product.

Makes sense. I reuse empty soda bottles to use as water bottles. Water sold in those thin plastic crinkle bottles tastes to me like it has a few drops of gasoline in it.
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Ceffer says
I always thought pornography appealed to the wires that were already there.

Or one wire in particular...
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It's a COMIC BOOK movie for goodness sakes, in a comic world invented by a White man decades ago. Maybe the school should mandate the Batman logo as a screensaver.

There are plenty of real world black achievers to bring up, such as the designer of the Washington DC street plan, the inventor of the "Real McCoy" railroad car hitch, and various mathematicians, scientists, and doctors.
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Patrick says
All those churches with the sodomy flag up are fishing for dollars.

You spelled "fisting" wrong....
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Coke says Stop being White

Ok, let's stop being "White." Instead Whites can be Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Celtic, Slavic, or Nordic. Maybe "Mediterranean" for those Hispano-Italio-Greek types that are sufficiently White and non-greasy.
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Since they hate products named after Tribes, they must really have a beef with Piper Aircraft.
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Onvacation says
I am sure the 911 like investigation of the insurrection will get to the bottom of how Roger Stone led the 280 people who were charged with Misdemeanor trespassing. Trump is looking at Federal time.

Yes, and coordinating the assault through "Parlor."
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Misc says
Expect to see a surge in influenza deaths.

And possibly an upsurge from other deaths as well, when the next step is likely removing the financial incentive to label a death a Covid death.
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Karloff says
When the time comes, they adjust the testing again. Turn the fear taps on, another deadly mutant strain is here! Commence lockdowns and mandatory maskings.

That will be around the 2022 midterms.
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Ceffer says
It's hard to imagine the military not having nationalistic priorities, and wanting to protect their technologies. Biden would have those in CCP hands immediately.

Military high brass during peacetimes are incredibly political animals. Those brass would readily sell out for an after military job with a defense contractor or membership in the Deep State. The only time the "Pattons" come to the top is during times of serious war.
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Donald says
How does a public school teacher get fired for something so minor? I thought it was virtually impossible to fire a teacher even when they commit major offenses?

It may still be impossible to fire, as she may win her case.
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Onvacation says
“It’s enough to exercise your vagina five minutes a day, ladies, and in just one week you’ll be able to give yourself and your man unforgettable pleasure in bed.”

"And ladies, if he is pre-mature, you can do a quick flex and rip his dick off."
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Hmm, lots of spoiled rich guy syndrome here. No offense, but the opinions on IRAs here seemed skewed by affluence.

Consider the Joe with a moderate income and no defined benefit government pension. He makes enough working to have a taxable income, but when he retires and quits working, his only money is SS and his accumulated savings. His tax bracket at that time will be zero. His best bet is to take a Traditionally IRA and lower his taxes now. During his working life, he pays off his house and also retires with no car loan. His post retirement income is just SS and his IRA withdrawals. SS is not taxable unless you hit a certain threshold, and since his IRA withdrawals are unlikely to hit that threshold, he essentially pays no income tax anyway, as if it were a Roth.

My mom is in that situation. She has a paid-for house and no car loan. She has about $200k in the bank, and her only income is SS and RMD from Traditional IRAs. Her state and federal income taxes are zero. She has enough money to keep active in church and in local politics, plus takes a trip to England every year.
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Patrick says
San Francisco already had one of the worst school systems in the US. It's very heavily gay, and lots of young pre-family people who just don't care about school quality.


From the liked article:
$25,000 – $35,000 for private K-8

$35k a year is more than it is currently costing me to put my daughter through a private Wesleyan University. Why would private grade school in SF cost so much? Are the private schools highly taxed?
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Kinda sounds like they're preying on children, trying to get them to make an irrational decision.

Yes, they want to recruit to create people like themselves, so they do not feel left out and own up to being a nutcase. Reminds me of those fat parents who want their kids to grow up to be fat like themselves, to assuage a misery loves company type insecurity.
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An injection that can turn one gay? Sounds like the old grade school joke about "Homo Bromo." "Take Homo Bromo and wake up feeling yourself!"
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U.S. President Joe Biden is set to sign an executive order as early as this month to accelerate efforts to build supply chains for chips and other strategically significant products that are less reliant on China, in partnership with the likes of Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.

No, that is not quite a "Trump like move." Trump would insist that the semi-conductors be made in the USA. An so should anyone who is pro-labor or pro-environment.
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mell says
You can drink Dr Pepper for the rare soda cravings, tastes better and is owned by a German billionaire family ;)

?? Germans own it? I though Dr Pepper was owned by an Massachusetts based coffee maker. Same company makes Sundrop, which is quite good if you can find the real sugar version that only comes in glass bottles. If you like Dr Pepper, you can substitute that flavor by combining seltzer water and prune juice. Next time you take a swig of Dr Pepper, see if it doesn't taste like carbonated prune juice.
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Time to read between the lines.

From reading her story, I get the idea that the lady is fairly attractive. Also that she was quickly promoted into high positions. Add to that the people who make those promotion choices are pigs who think that giving such favors to attractive women will increase the pig's romantic opportunities. The lady knew all this, and played the game to leapfrog over others, no doubt strategically smiling and lightly flirting the right people. Had someone who could not influence her advancement done any inappropriate touching or suggestive comments, you can bet immediate reporting and punitive action would be taken. However, men who can help her get promoted got a pass.

The idea that someone might think I held my high-ranking position because of the Governor’s “crush” on me was more demeaning than the kiss itself.

And that someone would be right. But now that Cuomo has fallen into disfavor, this lady will be rewarded for helping to take him down. She will be the "hero" and will be thus aided in her run for Borough President. The timing of this is no accident. This is all politics by a women who knows how to play the pig men to gain herself top favors and promotions.
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NDrLoR says
they're the generation that wants to be on whatever is hip at the moment

All generations while young want to be part of what is hip and cool. That is why they all have distinctive music, hairstyles, and phrases. We need to find a way to get the next generation to consider deviant culture, blatant dishonesty, and ghetto mores as passé, and make the new hip rock solid integrity and common sense.
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just_passing_through says
HeadSet says
If you like Dr Pepper, you can substitute that flavor by

1. Fill a pint glass half full of beer.
2. Pour amaretto into a standard shot glass. Carefully pour 151 proof rum on top of the amaretto so that it floats.
3. Carefully light the shot on fire by touching with open flame. Drop the lit shot into the half full glass of beer and slam.

Party Animal here - Beast Class
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Shaman says
PoC are the primary targets of this vaccine which does have a negative effect on reproductive fertility. The oligarchs don’t want PoC breeding, but the idiot white people are weeding themselves out too.

The white people taking it are past reproductive age.
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clambo says
I'm not spoiled. I don't have a syndrome.
My take home after taxes was $950 every month, and I saved 500/month.
500/month invested for 33 years is a million bucks.
I of course have much more because I went all in and balls to the wall when I started making money.

Do not get me wrong, I am not implying that anyone with wealth at retirement is a spoiled trust fund baby. Just saying that quite a few working class people, who despite living frugally can only manage to save the allowed IRA contribution and pay of the mortgage before retiring. These people would not benefit from a Roth IRA since they will have only the RMD and the SS after retirement, and then would not have enough income to have to pay State and Federal taxes anyway.
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He may have an easier time claiming to be female, and getting the "woman" part of the "woman and minority" ownership advantage.
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Go to a big regional powwow, you probably won't see many women who look like the one in the pic.

Go to a pow-wow around here, and the "Indians" look nearly as White as I do. But I do remember some attractive Indian girls when I was in Oklahoma, a couple hoties at a reservation restaurant in South Dakota, and friend of mine married a very pretty Canadian Indian. None with tits like the photo above, though.
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You. Voted. For. It.
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Tenpoundbass says
Rather its battle worth can detect the enemy planes hundreds of miles away, and take them out before they even know the F-35 even exists.

That is the strategy of the old Navy F-14 Tomcat. Its radar could detect planes 200 miles away, and the Phoenix missiles it carried had a 86 mile range. Thus, in its day, it could take out Soviet aircraft long before the Soviet aircraft even detected the threat.
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Tenpoundbass says
It fails in dog fights,

If it were about "dog fights," the best bet would to be to build a very high performance unmanned fighter. Such a plane could out g any fighter that is limited by the human in the cockpit. Just sent it up to shoot down anything not squawking the right IFF code.
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Just think, the reserved parking space for Coach Lester White above could have a sign "White Only."
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Pick a date when you think that Gay Mickey gets officially shoved down our throats by WokeDisney

And Toni Basil will sing the theme song.
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FortWayneAsNancyPelosiHaircut says
Misc says
Hate to tell you this, but "illegal aliens" is a political correct term for them. Now New York fines people $10k for saying it.

NY can't fine you for speaking, the moment they fine you it'll be court ruled unconstitutional as there is a ton of precedent.

True, but understand the State has unlimited resources to go after you. Even if the judge throws it out, you will be out some serious jack in legal costs. Speaking from experience. We had a militant blind old lady sue us because the cab driver made her use another of our company cabs when her service animal jumped into the front seat and licked the driver's face. No private attorney would take her case, but she was able to get a state government lawyer. We "won" with a dismissal, but the legal bill was about $100,000.
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Automan Empire says
All parents can play with it with their kids, whether traditional or progressive.

Virtue signal much? The "potato head" was already whatever you wanted it to be. It can already be "gender neutral" or even hermaphrodite by mixing Mr and Mrs parts. You could also make it handicapped with one eye or missing/broken limbs. The "gender neutral" marketing is just a ploy to catch the perceived bandwagon. And why no slanted eyes pieces or Afro hair? Must be racists.
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