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The women do get strong in their own way, but loved the shows Longmire and the current show Yellowstone.

Very strong masculine characters in both shows. When it’s a woman who is strong it’s clearly in feminine ways. For instance the character Beth withstands an attack and rape attempt on her. But she overpowered, beaten to a pulp, and saved by the man that has been looking out for her since she was a kid. It’s portrayed as her surviving through a strong will and not any attempt to make her masculine. Her name is feminine, she uses her sexuality and brains and is in fact mentally and emotionally strong. But she’s a female and doesn’t want to be anything but. She still loves and looks up to her dad, and falls in love with the most traditional alpha male on the show.
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ohomen171 says
The list could go on. Give people hope and dignity. Then hate and violence will decline.

The violence and hate that the political party you support...the Democrats...allowed cities to burn this past summer over an incident that isn’t even factually supportive of the narrative(racist cops kill black people).

Fuck you.
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Along with all members of the mainstream media.

From Trump said Mexicans are rapists to Trump said there were fine people in Charlottesville, the msm has fabricated a false narrative and the supporters of the Democrats have greedily gulped down these lies just as surely as a porn starlet in a gangbang gulps down cum.

The worst lie perpetrated by the Democrats and the msm is that Trump is a facist. There is no doubt he is not...he peacefully left office...the absolute opposite of what a fascist would do. Meanwhile the Dems and their supporters are in fact exhibiting fascist tendencies. I remember challenging Marcus to demonstrate what actions Trump had taken that indicated he was a fascist. All he could’ve do was link repeatedly to opinion pieces in leftist publications. Not one...NOT ONE....actual action that could be linked to fascism.
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richwicks says
Fortwaynemobile says

I liked Trump, but when BLM was rioting he did nothing too.

The mayors and governors didn't do shit. This was outside of Trump's jurisdiction.

Correct. Ft Wayne, notice how the blm rioters raged? Even the first night, which mostly wasn’t shown on the news, downtown was devastated. 15+ cop cars were burned, graffiti all over the government buildings, etc.

Yet somehow someway when it came to the Laker and Dodger celebrations, containing more people, the LAPD was able to issue an order to disperse within 30 minutes and have the entire several block areas cleared in less than two hours.

This wasn’t on Trumps back. It’s solely on that lying weasel Eric Garcetti and the other big city mayors that let their cities burn.
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G36 says
Thanks for sharing! So much good info there! Will bookmark this link :)

The hype around "move away from CA" seems so trendy nowadays. I appreciate the insight and to a degree it matches what relatives told me (who moved from CA to TX).

I had no idea about some points. For instance:

"2. No public land
Think about public land much? Yeah, me neither. On the West Coast, we take public land for granted. Soaring Sierra Nevadas, sandy beaches, public space canyons, and even trails along creeks are standard fare in the West — not to mention Yosemite. Not so in Texas.
Because of Texas' history and lack of natural barriers (mountains, oceans) to settlement, most all of the land around is private and flat or rolling hills. Yes, there is a lot of land in Texas, but it all has barbed wire fences and no trespassing signs on it. Even creeks are parceled up as private property."

But what kills it right off the bat is "Austin, like California, is not affordable."

Curious. If you are not intent on leaving California, why do you care what other people are doing?
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Lol George Clintonopoulosbot is not, nor ever has been a “journalist” nor is ANY of ABC “news”

ABC “News” is a entertainment show much like Hannity, Maddow, etc, and has been for 20+ years.

It’s ridiculous that a former White House chief of staff is “news” director over anything.

I love how Senator Paul anticipated the Clintonopoulosbot argument and stated that most of the lost lawsuits were due to lack of standing and there was no finding one way or the other as to the merits of the filings, yet the bot simply repeated the claim of 80 whatever lost lawsuits.

Not dissimilar from the morons that keep citing the number of Covid deaths with no context.
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Point of order

I’m not against lesbian scenes per se, provided the girls are hot and the scene is graphic.
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Shaman says
Patrick says
I like Rand Paul.

One of the few good ones, alongside Josh Hawley and possibly Ted Cruz.

I’ve been posting for several years that Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are my favorite Senators.

I think Cruz is too conservative for many here but I’ve noticed that many are being won over.

I actually believe that Cruz finally realizes he is too conservative to be elected president and has decided to give a big eff you to TPTB and gone rogue which is why Betobot had such strong financing. Trump has shown him the way and Cruz seems content now to be the Republicans Mazie Hirono, albeit much more logical and well thought out in his positions.

Rand Paul is just a very bright guy who doesn’t back down.
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The problem is we have batshit crazies who do not want borders to exist and the elite(George Soros and others) who want an endless supply of cheap labor are more than willing to accommodate these useful idiots.

US should:

1.) immediately deport everyone who is in the US illegally
2.) end welfare to able bodied individuals regardless of number of dismounts.
3.) end minimum wage.
4.) arrest and move all homeless. Offer them job or prison.

If after doing all that there are jobs still vacant, initiate a guest worker program with Mexico.

Desiring open borders is nothing more than stupid leftist propaganda.
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These idiots actually tried to blame it on Trump.
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Term limits!

I wonder how much of it is just a show though...I don’t think it can actually happen.

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richwicks says
bdrasin says
Looks like the RINO NeverTrump SCOTUS, including all 3 justices appointed by cheeto jesus himself, just told T & co to go fuck themselves

Hey - how are you feeling out President Dementia Patient now? Trump wasn't perfect but.. yesssh!

In the next 4 years a bunch of people are going to discover the difference between a president they don't like and a president that doesn't like them.

Good luck getting a response from that account. Dormant since 2016, popped up for a few comments on early December, and then silent since then.
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Just curious...my grandfather passed away three decades ago and was a stamp and coin collector. I don’t think most of it actually has collectible value but I do know he squirled away every actual silver coin he came across(pre 1955?). My parents have it al...I weighed it out and it was a lot...maybe 35 pounds or so.

How much of a hit off spot do you take selling something like that? It’s not getting sold...my mom still has it and has no interest or need in selling it. But I am curious.
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Bad comparison TPB. We didn’t use the Japanese for slave labor and also they were set free by us voluntarily.

This is not to excuse the US rounding up Japanese during WWII but rather to point out I’m how bad a comparison it is.

As far as the propaganda, that’s already taken place, spearheaded by the evil assholes that work in the US msm.
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I really think that too much is being made of this.

I wear a mask at work and when in a business because it’s required. I don’t wear one outdoors.

I’ve got a few dirty looks but nobody has said anything, presumably because they know I’d tell them to go fuck themselves.

Yes there’s a mandate in LA County. No one enforces it so it’s de facto legal to walk around without a mask on.
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B.A.C.A.H. says
are the schoolteacher, congressman and pedophile the same person?

Excellent question.

Throw in a Lawyer and a realtor and weve got the quintet of evil.
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Onvacation says
Kamala Harris calling for the riots to continue

original link

She fibbed.

The riots did stop.
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Damn. RIP Larry.

I would think he would be outraged at the state of the first ammendment nowadays.

I never played poker with him...my finances aren’t nearly in that realm, but watched him play several times and played at the tables near him a couple times.
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She was already on the chopping block and Jon Favreau(an ardent demorat himself) saved her from being fired.

It’s fucking ludicrous and I urge everyone to stand up to the pink and blue hair twits.

You may not be able to do it at your job but you certainly can belittle the fuck out of them in your personal life without retribution. Don’t just make fun of them...if you do that you are the crazy old white man. You have to intellectually humiliate them...actually expose them for the imbeciles they are.

I’ve actually gained traction on this the past couple weeks with two very left leaning friends appalled at what the Democrats are doing. In one instance, the person now sees how blatantly horrible the media is. It’s astonishing as this person was CNN and MSNBHeehaw 24/7.
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WookieMan says
Onvacation says
A multi-car pileup, involving more than 100 vehicles, along Interstate-35W in Fort Worth has shutdown the highway and left several people trapped in their cars.

Fort Worth police spokesperson Officer Daniel Segura has confirmed at least 5 people were killed in the crash.

This is why you don't want Californians in your state. They don't know how to drive. Sorry guys, I know that stings, but a lot of people are moving out and into TX. Going to a ski resort is not winter driving.

70% of the country doesn't have the slightest clue how to drive in snow or understand if the road is iced over. We get plenty of black ice and freezing rain in IL every year. You don't hear about pile ups here. We're not stupid. Sorry to be so harsh.

No need to apologize. California drivers are fucking imbeciles.
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Let me count the ways California drivers are stupid.

For perspective, I don’t think speed is bad per se. However you must take into account conditions. I like going 85-100 in rural areas and keep it at 70-85 in the city depending on how much traffic there is. I don’t tailgate(except when jerks are going 65 or lower amd they should move to the right), and I try to slow down early.

1.) Bane of my existence is the 405 from LA into the SFV. It’s a hill. And a 5 lane on each side interstate Highway. Somehow even at 3am, there will be idiots going 40 mph in the fast lane. The speed limit is 65, and somehow these mouth breathers can figure out that the need to press down on the gas pedal to maintain a reasonable speed. Worse is they refuse to move to the right. Even worse is the same idiots let the car fly going down the other side. Somehow it fails to reach their brain that it’s MUCH harder to slow down when you are speeding while going downhill.

2.) Speaking of slowing down, California drivers seem uniquely unaware that it’s not necessary to hit the breaks in order to slow down. That you will slow down if you let up off the gas pedal. So even though I’m driving faster than the herd, they frequently pass me heading into a stop light as I’ve already begun slowing down by letting up on the gas and these boobs are slamming on their breaks at the last second.

3.) yielding to faster traffic. It’s on the California drivers test. Yet hardly any Californians seem to care. It’s the only Western State I drive in where slow pokes won’t move over and let faster traffic pass.

4.) Lord help any California idiot driving in the rain or worse. There is no sense of anything.

5.) you never want to be out when the power goes out. There are no stupider drivers in these circumstances. The only explanation I have for why cars don’t stop or even slow down heading into a dead traffic signal is the high number of illegal aliens, who I guess don’t possibly understand the law.
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Onvacation says
Robert Sproul says
They wasted no time:
HR 127 – Firearm/Ammunition Licensing, Registration, and Banning of “Certain” Ammunition

From the bill:

Except as otherwise provided in this subsection, the Attorney General shall issue to an individual a license to possess a firearm and ammunition if the individual—

(i)has attained 21 years of age;
(ii)after applying for the license—
(I)undergoes a criminal background check conducted by the national instant criminal background check system established under section 103 of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, and the check does not indicate that possession of a firearm by the individual would violate subsection (g) or (n) of section 922 or State law;

There’s always people behind these bills. In this instance, it’s this rancid, freedom hating, anti American cunt:

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I’m a huge fan of strong women.
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jazz_music says
We just escaped American fascist dictatorship by the skin of our teeth.

Four years and you still haven’t been able to explain what President Trump did that is characteristic of fascist. Oh sure you posted links to silly opinion pieces. But you still use the term without being able to explain yourself.

I will give you a start.

Fascism (/ˈfæʃɪzəm/) is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism[1][2] characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy[3]

By definition, since President Trump peacefully and willingly gave up the presidential transfer of power, President Trump cannot be a fascist. He in fact did the exact opposite of what a fascist would do.

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richwicks says

I can't help but look upon you as a troll, because I seriously do not believe what you say you can possibly believe. It would take an incredible amount of cognitive dissonance and I just don't believe anybody could have that level.

Oh he believes it. I blocked him while he wasn’t taking his meds a few years ago and he was polluting every thread with non sense. But he most certainly has a knack for ignoring fact at nearly unseen levels.
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jazz_music says
There is so much evidence of the slide to fascism that there’s a bunch of folks writing about it, both on the web and books too are being written on the subject.

Is that a sacrilege?

Watch a short video.


I don’t have to chat.

So evidently personal attacks are allowed here?

Again all you do is link to nonsense.

I provided you a link to the definition of fascism. I explained exactly how President Trump fails to meet the elements of that definition. You continue to argue that he is a fascist without addressing how he meets the elements of being a facist. Then you complain when you are described as being what such actions make you.

You are welcome to explain how President Trump is a fascist. You can start with:

1.) What actions did President Trump take consistent with the exercise of dictatorial power?

2.) What specifically did President Trump do to force suppression of opposition ?

3.) What actions did President Trump take towards strong regimentation of society and of the economy?

The floor is yours sir/ma’am/zir
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richwicks says
FuckTheMainstreamMedia says
4.) I am hoping for a Trump/Gabbard ticket in 2024. Can’t believe I’m saying that since Tulsi has strong socialist tendencies, but I think it’s more important to have people who are not only outside the political establishment, but are actively hated.

One would have to switch parties, basically, you can't have a ticket where one is a Republican and the other a Democrat. Party rules.

I would expect it would be as a third party.
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richwicks says
FuckTheMainstreamMedia says
2.) Peace in the Middle East is possible. This is a huge on. The Dems are making a colossal mistake in turning their backs on Israel.

I don't believe, perhaps incorrectly, that Israel brings peace to the Middle East - quite the opposite. It seems to me that Israel constantly inflames tensions purposely. Creating an external enemy is a time honored method to get support for a government. The Likud is nothing more than the Irgun in my eyes. They purposely try to start conflicts to consolidate power.

I suspect the main reason the British empire created Israel was explicitly to keep the area in turmoil.

It was invaded by seven nations the day it was declared an independant nation and again 20 years later. This is a one way thing and it’s not Israel’s fault. President Trump proved this by getting several Arab nations to take the carrot and make peace. The refusal of other Arab nations to take in the “Palestinians” as refugees is proof positive that the entire concept of Palestinians is made up.
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jazz_music says
Nobody here ever changed their mind because of a good argument.

Delusions much?

I just posted a thread here yesterday about five ways in which President Trump changed my mind, albeit with results rather than argument.

Meanwhile, you have still failed to explain how Trumps actions meet the multipronged definition of Fascism.

Can I assume you now acquiesce and admit that President Trump is not a fascist?
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So again literally not even one specific action.

What is your malfunction?

jazz_music says
FuckTheMainstreamMedia says
Meanwhile, you have still failed to explain how Trumps actions meet the multipronged definition of Fascism.
This clownish demand on your part is a side topic and a gift of my time that I wouldn’t give you.

Still, people all over are asking this question and writing about it.

This link is a good one with more good links inside

According to the author
“Fascism has not happened here so far.”

“you could call legitimately call Trumpism a fascist social and political movement” and that Trump is “using fascist political tactics,” but that Trump isn’t necessarily leading a fascist government.

But most experts did not even go that ...
jazz_music says
But most experts did not even go that far, and some expressed concern that describing Trump as a fascist undermines the term and leads to a misanalysis of our current political situation. “If Trump was a fascist and we were in a situation akin to Germany in 1932 or Italy in 1921, certain kinds of actions would be justified,” Sheri Berman, a professor of political science at Barnard College, says. “But we are not and they are not.”
jazz_music says
FuckTheMainstreamMedia says
Meanwhile, you have still failed to explain how Trumps actions meet the multipronged definition of Fascism.
This clownish demand on your part is a side topic and a gift of my time that I wouldn’t give you.

Still, people all over are asking this question and writing about it.

This link is a good one with more good links inside

According to the author
“Fascism has not happened here so far.”

“you could call legitimately call Trumpism a fascist social and political movement” and that Trump is “using fascist political tactics,” but that Trump isn’t necessarily leading a fascist government.

But most experts did not even go that ...
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Ok real question here.

Disclosure...I grew up in an area of the SGV that at the time was about 1/3 asian and 2/3 Hispanic.

A handful of white people, almost no black people.

White girls have never done it for me. Most of my friends in school were into Asian girls. All of us(6 or us) eventually married latinas except for one Hispanic guy who married a white girl. We are of varying backgrounds...white, Asian, Hispanic, and mixtures thereof.

Rin I assume you are white. You and others...what’s the obsession with Asian girls? Personally I love wide hips, big tits, big ass. You guys post caricatures of Asian women that don’t match reality...with qualities I genuinely find attractive in females.

What’s the deal? I NEVER understood the attraction to Asian women. The fact that an ugly Asian woman (Sandra Oh) is held up in culture as a sex symbol is proof positive for me that asian women are completely meh.
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Rin says
FuckTheMainstreamMedia says
an ugly Asian woman (Sandra Oh) is held up in culture

Dude, Sandra Oh is a monster, a cutout from a horror film.

I have no idea what 'Grey's Anatomy' was doing, posting a monster as some hot medical co-ed.

And yes, the thing is that a lot of east Asians have a "cute" face but lack in terms of boobs. And I've known a number with decent butts to match the face.

Sideways scarred me for life. Bad enough I have to see Swamp Thing’s dangling member in the opening credits. Bad enough that there’s a dude whose such a bitch boi that he cant deal with life on its own terms and has to drink himself to death. But to make Sandra fucking Oh as the “hot” chick for the past his prime but still life winning former actor is just stomach turning. Honestly a movie I never was supposed to see as it’s so outside my wheelhouse.

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Hi Patrick,

A few have died from my workplace. We don’t meet the stated US average.

Two of my wife’s extended family members have died from Covid. It’s neither old age nor flu, though there were health related comorbidities in all.

I do personally also know two fairly healthy and young people who got extremely sick from Covid. It happens. Freddie Freeman, this past years National League MVP, got extremely sick from Covid before the season started and he is 31 and in excellent shape.


I think you are barking up the wrong tree on some of this. I’d love to share more, but until I retire, I’m not revealing what I do and how I know some of the things I know. The govt reaction to Covid has been gross, but it’s not just the flu either.
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Patrick says

Did you personally know the people at work who died? Or were you just told about it?

How can you be sure your wife's relatives did not just die of their comobidities?

FuckTheMainstreamMedia says
Freddie Freeman, this past years National League MVP

Do you personally know him? Wikipedia is literally just propaganda at this point, riding on the work of people who entered facts before.

As far as the wife’s relatives I can only go on what the family tells us. As far as work, again can only go on what work tells us. One coworker did have an immediate family member pass and that co worker was honest and said it’s the steroids to treat the high blood sugar that caused organ malfunction and that’s what caused the death.

Of the people I intimately know had it, 14 got sick ranging from mild cold to severe flu symptoms, 2 had no symptoms, and 1 has been severely sick, but refused hospitalization.

Wife had it and basically was a cold. I never got it. Another co worker has it and neither her husband nor their two kids got it. They quarantined though.

I do not personally know anyone that died, but then my parents and my cousins parents are by far the oldest people I know and none are in their 80’s and they’ve been able to stay to themselves mostly.

As to Freddie Freeman, I’m a huge baseball fan and was already following his Twitter account for a few years.

I couldn’t explain why some people get very sick, but some do. The co worker who is severely sick and refused hospitalization is not that old(early 50’s) and is not in poor health. For whatever reason, it hits some people hard.
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WineHorror1 says
Your a government worker?

I’ve posted as such many times.
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Ceffer says
Asshoes don't acknowledge their mistakes, they don't change, they don't repent, they keep fucking up, and they don't care about anything but appearances.

You only hurt yourself with impotent righteous indignation. You'll wind up looking bad, and asshoe will just continue on, so CYA is the rule.

I think that’s what my trusted co worker is trying to convey to me, in not so many words.
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You know these evil assholes are going to say that vote by mail is necessary to avoid getting the Chinese flu.
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zzyzzx says
FortWayneAsNancyPelosiHaircut says
Because it is being pushed on our children by adults in education and media. Fucking assholes trying to destroy our nation.


Good lord that is one hideous looking beast.
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