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What does this mean. Will the Scots secede and join the European Union?
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The shale beatdowns will continue until morale improves... Anyone buying energy?
Energy is down to a record-low 4% weighting in the S&P 500 and is worth less than the market value of Apple (AAPL). ...
Energy could surprise and emerge as one of the top sectors in the next 10 years. Stoeckle favors Chevron (CVX), ConocoPhillips (COP), BP (BP), and Total (TOT). The European stocks are particularly cheap, in part because of the divestment effort. BP stock, at $37, and Royal Dutch Shell, at $58, both trade for just 13 times projected 2019 earnings and yield 6.5%.
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NoCoupForYou says
Muh Axioms are always right!

Muh ratio is currently at 87:1. Wish I had picked up some silver at the end of May (when silver was sub $15) or June when the ratio popped above 90:1. Still don't have the cojones like Ducky did to go physical.
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clambo says
ignoreme, my pal bought a shitload of silver at $45+ dollars/once

There's literally about one week when that was true: April 21-28, 2011. The Gold to Sliver ratio was 35:1 (yikes). At that point, the price of Gold and Sliver corrected to get a more reasonable ratio.
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Jimmy Dore manages to remain principled as well.
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marcus says
Not worth it though, if it were to lead to world war.

We're already fighting the Third Opium War.
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Yikes, even the ACLU is writing op-eds in the Washington Post about the FISA abuse.
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I was wondering how the leader of the Liberal Democrats could lose her seat; this is probably part of the reason...
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Hmmm. No mention of VCs dropping $25 billion per year on Market Street. It all comes down to burn rate...
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PAT NET shale REIT! Has no one seen Mad Max?! The V-8 Interceptors need gazoline!
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This is what happens when you channel Judith Butler instead of Joseph Campbell.
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Here's where Masayoshi Son played hardball in 2017: SoftBank Threatens to Invest in Uber’s Arch Rival.
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In one case, we observed a change in the regular movements of a Microsoft engineer. He made a visit one Tuesday afternoon to the main Seattle campus of a Microsoft competitor, Amazon. The following month, he started a new job at Amazon. It took minutes to identify him as Ben Broili, a manager now for Amazon Prime Air, a drone delivery service.
“I can’t say I’m surprised,” Mr. Broili told us in early December. “But knowing that you all can get ahold of it and comb through and place me to see where I work and live — that’s weird.” That we could so easily discern that Mr. Broili was out on a job interview raises some obvious questions, like: Could the internal location surveillance of executives and employees become standard corporate practice?
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Yikes! I wonder who gets stuck with this? Pension funds?!
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Shared workplace operator WeWork said on Tuesday it has arranged a $1.75 billion letter of credit with Goldman Sachs that is in the process of being syndicated and whose funds are expected to be available in January.
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This just keeps getting better. I had never heard of Wag...
That said, if you are asking why the fuck does a dog-walking startup need $300 million after raising $60 million or more to walk dogs, know you aren’t alone.
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Ykes, I missed this part of the Wag story that unfolded two weeks ago...
SoftBank is selling Wag stake back to company: WSJ
(Reuters) - SoftBank Group Corp’s Vision Fund has agreed to sell its nearly 50% stake in Wag Labs Inc back to the dog-walking startup, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday citing people familiar with the matter...
Wag, which earlier this year laid off several dozen employees, is letting go a significant amount of the remainder of its workforce, the report said.
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tovarichpeter says
It does not appear to be profiling as approximately half of the people who pay to ride on BART are black.

According to BART surveys, African Americans account for 12% of BART riders, while white people comprise 44%, Asians make up 23% and Latinos account for 18%.
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Yikes! Violent Crime on BART More Than Doubled During Recent 5-Year Span: Report The most high profile recent incidents were at Oakland Coliseum, Macarthur, and West Oakland BART stations.
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I'll see your Krugman and raise you a Friedman...
In 2015, the United States and the major European powers agreed to lift virtually all their sanctions on Iran, many dating back to 1979, in return for Iran halting its nuclear weapons program for a mere 15 years, but still maintaining the right to have a peaceful nuclear program. It was a great deal for Iran. Its economy grew by over 12 percent the next year. And what did Suleimani do with that windfall?
He and Iran’s supreme leader launched an aggressive regional imperial project that made Iran and its proxies the de facto controlling power in Beirut, Damascus, Baghdad and Sana. This freaked out U.S. allies in the Sunni Arab world and Israel — and they pressed the Trump administration to respond.
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This is a good summary of the shakedowns that I referred to above. From Bloomberg:
Over the past three years, Son has deployed his giant war chest aggressively, threatening to back a startup’s rival if founders refuse his money, or investing in competitors and forcing them to merge. These unsavory tactics only became more bothersome when much-hyped SoftBank-backed IPOs started failing. Now we’re coming to realize that Son is less a technology guru than a die-hard capitalist, reinventing the 19th-century business model by squeezing workers for a bit of extra profit.
Take a look at the Vision Fund’s portfolio. Rather than investing in hard tech such as AI or chip design, a whopping 40% has been funneled into transportation and logistics companies such as Uber and its ride-hailing clones around the world.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Unfortunately there are few organisms eating plastics, and the CO2 we generate is the one plants absorbed over millions of years in the past.

Phoenix awards contract to Renewlogy for chemical recycling project
The project will focus on using a chemical recycling process to reverse #3-7 plastics back to their basic molecular structures, making them fit for conversion to fuels. Once it reaches full production, the facility is expected to process 10 tons of mixed plastics per day, amounting to about 60 barrels of liquid fuel.
I know, this really doesn't address any of your concerns, but it's certainly better than digging up those million year old carbon sources.
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What a disaster. I'm kinda feeling sorry for Ken Burns here.
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Oh my, it just keeps getting worse. Softbank invested $375 million in a robot pizza business. Send in the unicorns...
SoftBank-backed Zume is laying off 360 employees, representing about half its staff, and shuttering its robotic pizza-making and delivery business.
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The fun never stops....
Car-rental startup Getaround plans to lay off roughly 150 employees, or about a quarter of its staff, in a bid to reduce rising costs, people familiar with the matter said. Getaround’s chief executive told The Information that the cuts mostly will involve employees handling day-to-day interactions between car owners and renters.
Getaround joins multiple companies backed by SoftBank’s Vision Fund, the world’s largest tech investor, that have made significant staff cuts recently, as pressure grows for these businesses to demonstrate that they have a path to profitability (see chart). SoftBank, which injected $300 million into Getaround in 2018, is the company’s largest single investor.
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Top heavy collegiate bureaucracies will be brought down one Doritos Locos Taco at a time... Taco Bell will try paying some managers $100,000 a year — but In-N-Out Burger already pays managers $160,000
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rocketjoe79 says
The crazy part is high-end graphics card prices. I love playing games, but it's hard to justify graphics card upgrades when they are kept artificially high by Bitcoin/ecoin mining.

Was trying to figure out that quandary when building a gaming system for my son. What's not to like about a $99 APU with integrated Radeon Vega graphics? Not high end, for sure, but hard to beat that price point.
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krc says

Discussions like this are where I miss IWOG.

I'm just hoping Ducky packed a gas mask and took some rations with him when he embarked for Santiago...
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I think this guy cherry-picked the data, but at the same time, we are most definitely seeing some dramatic drops. From the US Customs and Border Protection site:
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When history is written about this time period, I'm convinced Peterson and Haidt will be lauded as heroes that brought us back from the brink. Haidt is on his way to sainthood in the church of secular humanism. I believe Sulkowicz's conversion counts as his first miracle.
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Here's a feel good story I pulled from Prof. Haidt's feed.
A new mob at Sarah Lawrence College: Hope for Gen Z?
The course, which is open to the entire school with no pre-requisites, is designed to tackle big questions about the sociopolitical state of the nation, and ask how various narratives will play out in the upcoming election cycle. The readings are deliberately designed to bring in contrasting ideas and world views from a range of scholars and commentators, from J.D. Vance and Sarah Smarsh to Charles Murray and Arlie Russell Hochschild, as well as Tim Carney, Thomas Frank, Jose Antonio Vargas and Thomas Chatterton Williams.

In each information session, the room was mobbed. Students filled the chairs. They sat on the floor five rows deep. They spilled out into the hallway. This happened in each session for two full days.

The students weren’t worried about last year’s progressive horde, or how they would be viewed for taking a class with me. In fact, many students directly addressed the question of viewpoint diversity head-on in emails and statements to me, such as: ‘I want this class because I don’t want to be told what and how to think’, and ‘I know there is more to the story, I want to see both sides of the political world.’
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Yikes, set the wayback machine to 1968? Should make for an interesting convention in Milwaukee. It was a debacle, because the average American would look at the Democrats and conclude that “this was a party that had lost its mind.”
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Robert Plant and a "reconstituted" Band of Joy
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Is it just me, or do those hollow blades look like surplus pontoons for Cannibal Anarchy: Rising Sea Level Edition.
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Titania was just on Rogan.
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“We recognize that the era of growth at all costs is over,” said Khosrowshahi.
Meanwhile, Uber is able to turn a robust positive EBITDA for its core ridesharing business, but its other bets have been pulling down the company’s profitability. The more revenue Uber Eats brings in, the larger the losses. This past quarter Uber Eats was able to improve its sales by 154% year-over-year, but the segment’s EBITDA was down 111%, somehow losing more than it netted in sales.
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Not sure I'd every hear a US President use the term manifest destiny in a State of the Union speech. Made me think of this.
We come from a blue planet light-years away
Where everything multiplies at an amazing rate
We're out here in the universe buying real estate
Hope we haven't gotten here too late
We're humans from earth
We're humans from earth
You have nothing at all to fear
I think we're gonna like it here...
I know we may seem pretty strange to you
But we got know-how and a golden rule
We're here to see manifest destiny through
Ain't nothing we can't get used to
We're humans from earth
We're humans from earth

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SEC. 6. Section 2.5 of Article XIII A of the California Constitution is added to read:
(4)(A)"Residential property" shall include real property used as residential property, including both single-family and multi-unit structures, and the land on which those structures are constructed or placed.
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As the startup boom deflates, a reckoning is coming for Silicon Valley
The retreats are being led by companies that were backed by SoftBank, the Japanese conglomerate with a $100 billion Vision Fund for investing in startups. SoftBank bet big on companies like Uber and WeWork, as well as Colombian delivery startup Rappi and Indian hospitality startup Oyo. All have undergone layoffs in recent months.
“You can’t build on top of something that’s not strong,” said Seth Besmertnik, chief executive of Conductor, a marketing business that WeWork acquired in 2018, which he and others recently bought back.
This month, SoftBank reported that its Vision Fund and other investments led to a $2 billion operating loss in the last quarter of 2019. In a statement, it said some of its startups had acted “quickly and responsibly to make some difficult decisions to better position themselves for long-term success.”
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rd6B says
I don't see why public servants should have a system separate from Social Security. Anyone can to enlighten me?

Because FICA is for suckers and have you seen the ROI on Treasuries?
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